Eye makeup with black shadows

Stylish eye makeup is the basis of the woman's face decoration, especially when the black eye shadow acts as the main acting tool. They are able not only to make the look more piercing and enchanting, but also allow you to adjust the shape of the eyelids, and also strengthen the depth of the eyes.

Types of faces that are ideal for black shadows

Black eye shadow - this is quite the same brave choice that a confident woman can afford. A saturated shade of decorative shadows can make the look even more expressive and attract all the attention of others to the enchanting eyes of the girl. Of course, not all types of faces look equally effective when using black shadows, but nevertheless it is worth noting that black shades emphasize the original shape of the eyes and make the look oriental charming.

Black shadows are ideal for both blondes and brunettes. No less charming is the makeup of the eyes with black shadows in girls with red and chestnut hair. However, the use of black shadows completely excludes the possibility of using lipsticks and glossy lips for saturated red, terracotta and crimson shades.

If the eyes of the girl are planted deep from the bridge of the nose, then a more active shade of black should be placed on the inner corner of the eye. If the eyes are too close, and the nose is rather tiny and narrow, applying the shadows to the outer corner of the eyes will correct this fact.

Eye makeup options using black shadows

Black shade of eye shadow is the most used to create a delightful evening make-up of the eyes. The so-called make - up of Smoky eyes is one of the most popular ways of applying make-up on your eyelids. In this case, not only a palette of black shadows is used, but also a black eyeliner and an increased volume of eyelashes mascara.

To visually enlarge your eyes and make your eyes wide open, you can supplement makeup with false eyelashes that will draw attention to the girl's gorgeous eyes.

A thin or denser layer of black eyeliner on the upper eyelid will create a visual glance increase. If you use the black pencil to decorate the eyelid, the image becomes windy and careless, which is so attractive to men.

Addition of makeup with black shadows. Lipstick and rouge

Black shadows exclude the possibility of using saturated matte shades of lipstick and lip gloss. The darker the eyes - the more neutral the shade of the lips should be. The ideal solution will be the use of soft hygienic lipstick, which slightly moisturizes the lips. The same principle should be adhered to when choosing a shade of blush.

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