Lymphatic drainage - effective treatment of bags under the eyes

lymph drainage from circles under the eyes LYMPHODRENAGE - this effect on soft tissues of the face and body, which allows you to get rid of excess fluid and metabolic products through the lymphatic vessels. With age, stagnant phenomena inevitably arise in the tissues, which contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds and the emergence of a number of diseases such as increased blood pressure, inflammation and allergies, hormonal disorders, etc. Accordingly, this leads to the development of puffiness, puffiness of the face and the formation of bags under the eyes , excess weight, cellulite, and the development of varicose leg disease. From such problems in beauticians and apply lymphatic drainage.

The procedure of lymphatic drainage causes the lymphatic system to actively remove the accumulated liquid and slags, which leads to a gradual decrease in cellulite formations, normalization of microcirculation and metabolism in tissues. This is felt after the first procedure of lymphatic drainage. And the conducted course of lymphatic drainage from 6-10 procedures allows to get rid of such troubles to a great extent by conducting prevention of aging.

Lymphatic drainage can be manual or hardware. The use of procedures for microcurrent therapy and vacuum massage allows for superficial lymph drainage, with the effect on lymphatic capillaries located in the skin.

Deeply located lymphatic vessels are activated with active muscle contraction - when walking, swimming, riding a bicycle, and also during the procedure of myostimulation. For lymphatic drainage in the main lymph nodes, they are treated with pressotherapy, or using the method of endermology. Microcurrent therapy excites nerve and muscle fibers, which has a general normalizing effect on the basic functions of the body, improves the flow of arterial blood and venous outflow, facilitating lymphatic drainage. The procedure of myostimulation for lymphatic drainage uses a pulsed electric current, which causes muscle contractions and activation of the lymphatic system. Electrodes in this case are superimposed on the site of the projection of large lymphatic vessels.

Endermology is considered a very promising method in the matter of lymphatic drainage. This method improves the lines and reduces the volume of problem zones, the ideal formation of connective tissue structures with increasing elasticity, and also smoothing the unevenness of the relief of the skin.

After carrying out lymphatic drainage, subcutaneous cellulite micro- and macro nodes can be more clearly manifested, which is quite understandable - excess fluid leaves, and dense formations of fatty knots and connective tissue remain. To get rid of them will help already various methods of lipolysis, promoting the splitting of fats.

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