How to hide circles under the eyes?

mask the bags under the eyes If the cause of the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is determined, all means for their removal have been tried, but, nevertheless, it is not possible to completely get rid of them, we should resort to masking cosmetics.


You can mask the shadows under the eyes with a tonal cream, but it should be two shades lighter than a foundation for other areas of the face.

Foundation A light tone must be applied exactly within the boundaries of the dark shadow.

You can hide the circles under the eyes and with the help of a liquid cream-powder of corporal color. The main drawback of this tool is its pasty texture. Because of this, it is easily collected in wrinkles under the eyes.

concealer CONSILER

Consiler - a faithful assistant to any woman, in skilled hands, he turns into a magic wand that can disguise circles and swelling under the eyes, give the skin radiance and one stroke to lose a couple of decades. The concealer moisturizes the skin, gradually smoothes out wrinkles, brightens, gives the look brightness and freshness, protects the skin from the sun.

How to apply the concealer correctly: it is possible to apply both independently and over the tone, on the zone around the eyes. Put a "comma" from the inner corner of the eye down and blend means, patting movements. The concealer can also be used in other places that you want to give freshness, for example cheekbones, the area around the lips.

Review of the best concealer:

1. Concealer: All About Eyes Concealer, from Clinique

2. Concealer: Light Touch Highlighter, from SEPHORA

3. Concealer: photo Op Under Eye Brightener, from smashbox

4. Concealer: Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen, from GIVENCHY

5. Concealer: TOUCHE ECLAT from YSL

gel from circles under the eyes THREE-ROLL GEL

Gel from swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Cools and revitalizes the skin around the eyes. Eliminates the swelling of the eyelids. Reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Method of application: Massage the rollers for a minute around the eye area. Use at any time of the day.

Manufacturers of roll-gel: Faberlic, Garnier.

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