How to strengthen sunburn. Tanning Amplifiers

A natural, even tan can transform beyond recognition, giving our appearance an additional freshness and attractiveness. In addition, dark hues perfectly hide many skin imperfections (for example, broken blood vessels, rash or all known cellulite). Therefore it is not surprising that with the beginning of the summer season the beaches are full, and the solarium is painted for two weeks ahead. But, unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in short time to achieve the desired, and too long stay under the rays can cause burns, skin irritation and even ailments. Strengthen tanning will help additional funds.

Tablets, capsules and cocktails - tanning enhancers

Most preparations for enhancing tanning contain useful nutrients, minerals and vitamins of natural origin, which not only increase protection and promote skin rejuvenation, but also give a smooth, beautiful tan. For example, all known substance beta-carotene is included in many tablets and cocktails and causes chemical reactions in the body associated with darkening of the skin. Extracts from orange also give a positive effect. But buying these funds, it is necessary to get acquainted with the contraindications (for example, the same beta carotene is not recommended for liver diseases). Some drugs should not be taken by smokers, pregnant or combined with taking hormonal medications.

Creams and lotions - tanning enhancers

To strengthen sunburn in a short time will help modern creams and lotions, and the vitamins and oils contained in them give additional moisturizing, heals and prevents the appearance of cracks and wrinkles. And although the result is a darkening of the skin - when using different products the same, the ways of achieving it differ from each other.

Cosmetics with DHA contain molecules of dihydroxyacetone, which, penetrating the skin, cause darkening. Therefore, its use during a beach holiday or going to a solarium gives a very quick and beautiful tan. But choosing a cream or lotion, you should pay attention to the percentage of DHA (varies between 5-16%).

Cosmetics with "tingle-effect" significantly accelerate blood microcirculation in the upper subcutaneous layers, and also expand the capillaries. Thus, the skin slightly reddens and the tanning process becomes more intense due to the rapid saturation of cells with oxygen. Tingling, warmth and slight burning after applying are normal reactions of the body, so you should not worry. "Tingle-effect" is suitable for people with swarthy skin or for those who are sunbathing for a long time. But natural blondes and redhead to this method to enhance sunburn should be treated with caution.

Creams and sprays with bronzants help many. Bronzant is a coloring substance that gives a beautiful brown color. It is used to increase the effect of sunburn and advantageously shade the skin, especially if the body is not sensitive to ultraviolet rays and does not emit enough melanin.

Useful products - tanning enhancers

Competently built a diet, you can achieve both improving the appearance, and strengthening the positive effects of sunlight. The list of the main products that help to enhance tan includes apricots, tomatoes, carrots (must be consumed with butter or other products containing fats), strawberries, melons, sweet peppers, parsley, broccoli or cauliflower. But from fried foods, chocolate, smoked products, pickled products, coffee and alcohol is better to refuse, since their use in large quantities can prevent an even distribution of sunburn.

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