Laminating eyelashes at home: recipes and instructions

Surely you have already heard about the complex salon procedure for hair straightening, which is called lamination. It turns out that this word applies to the care of cilia, and the procedure can be carried out at home. Its main task is, of course, not to remove the "curls" effect, but to feed, strengthen each hair, lengthen, give a number of splendor, stop hair loss and even create an effect of build-up.

Depending on your chosen base component of the fortification composition, the technology may be gelatine or keratin.

The benefits and harm of laminating eyelashes

Cosmetologists are sure: on the contrary, it is useful, because it restores and treats "unhappy" hairs. Keratin passes inside the eyelashes, nourishing them from the inside, additionally "clothing" each protective film.

The safety of the procedure is already indicated by the fact that it is not forbidden to pregnant and lactating women.

As for the shortcomings, they also have: contraindications (eye diseases with inflammations, allergy to the components of the mixture), a solid cost of salon services.

Laminating eyelashes with keratin at home

On sale there are special tools designed specifically for home use: Nover Lash Up, Yumi Lashes, Paul Mitchell. They are much more convenient than compositions that need to be combined independently. At the heart of everyone - keratin plus organic substances, vitamins, as well as the mass of caring components (plant extracts). The product penetrates the hair, "adjusts" growth, "heals" minor injuries and makes prevention of new "wounds".

1. Preparatory stage. Important! Before you begin the lamination process, thoroughly clean, as well as degrease eyelashes, as well as the skin near them.

After that:

Treat eyelids with cream with the effect of protection, moisturizing, softening (of course, it should be suitable for sensitive skin near the eyes). The lower part of the eye is protected by the supplied silicone ribbon.

2. For each cilium apply a fixing serum (it is needed for strengthening). The serum thickens every hair, making it seemingly longer.

Comb a number of eyelashes, lay it on a silicone tape. Special silicone overlay twists and raises eyelashes, making them three-dimensional.

3. Now it is time for the coloring composition - that's it, and it starts the lamination process. To make the procedure more successful, the eye can be covered first with a film, and then with a warm handkerchief. Keep the product you need 60 minutes.

4. Remove the residue with a cotton swab.

Apply a compound with keratin to the eyelashes (it will fix the result).

Another important point! After this procedure, 24 hours can not do anything with the eyes - neither dyeing nor washing. Therefore, lamination is often done on the first day off. The main effect will be noticeable not immediately after removal of the remnants of the remedy, but a day after its application, when the cilia are finally calmed down and "acclimatized".

Laminating eyelashes: before and after

The effect lasts several months. After 2 or 3 months, you can make a correction, although the masters are advised to repeat the procedure after 3-4 months. That the updated cilia would stay beautiful longer without "repair", try to dye your eyes less. And the lamination from the eyelashes is washed away not so much as mascara or shadows, as a means to remove them.

Do you choose a purchase agent for lamination on reviews on the Internet?

In our time every second (if not the first) is equipped with a photo in the style of "before" and "after". Carefully consider them - whether the volume has increased in a natural way, and not with the help of cunning (for example, an unconscionable author of recall can easily make up eyes, giving out the work of the carcass for the effect of lamination).

Who should do this procedure?

All, but first of all - to girls, often tinting cilia with chemical paints.

If desired, you can combine this procedure with masks for eyelashes (they are also easy to make at home).

Laminating eyelashes with gelatin

This cheap product will suit even allergic people (which may not be suitable for purchased formulations).

Ingredients: 15 g of gelatin, 50 ml of water (or decoction of medicinal herbs: chamomile, calendula, hops), 15 g of balm for hair.

Here's how you need to act:

Mix gelatinous powder (or plates, they have proven themselves even better) with warm water or decoction. Warm minutes 5 on low heat. Mix with balsam.

Apply to the entire range of eyelashes as described above.

Wash off the product after 30 minutes with the help of warm tap water.

Homemade eyelash gelatin laminates with oils and vitamins

15 g of gelatin, 50 ml of water or herbal decoction, a teaspoon of cosmetic oil (almond, apricot, olive, coconut oil), 2-3 drops of liquid vitamins A and E. The mixture is applied to the eyelashes in the same way as in the previous recipe .

The result of such a procedure is not visible 2-3 months, but weeks 3-4 - for sure.

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