Mimic wrinkles

mimic wrinkles Mimic wrinkles should not be equated with senile, they can spoil a woman's image even at a young age, at 18 - 25 years. The reasons for the appearance of mimic wrinkles are our emotions, the habit of frowning, of squeezing our lips, squinting, etc. However, on a healthy, elastic, elastic skin, mimic wrinkles are practically not noticeable until a woman reaches a solid age.

Modern cosmetic techniques allow women to always look young and fresh. To monitor the condition of your skin is recommended to entrust to a professional beautician who will analyze the individual features of the skin and will select the necessary procedures.

When caring for the skin at home, mimic wrinkles can be smoothed out in the following ways.

1. Facial cleansing (peeling). In the process of peeling, you exfoliate the upper dead layer of cells that prevent the skin from breathing and getting the necessary nutrition. Peeling improves blood circulation, removes dirt from the pores, strengthens the regeneration of cells, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. Peeling at home is done mechanically using exfoliating scrubs, masks 1-2 times a week.

2. Facial massage helps to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles, makes them invisible, increases the elasticity of the skin. It is useful to use as an auxiliary massage means olive oil, ylang oil. These plants effectively nourish and smooth the skin.

3. Face lifting is shown to middle-aged women to lift flabby withering skin. For home lifting, you can use masks made of clay, parsley, potatoes, yeast with milk, egg white with honey.

To improve the condition of sagging skin and smooth facial wrinkles, some women use the following recipe: a few drops of castor oil are added to the night cream with the lifting effect.

Injection botox versus mimic wrinkles

If facial wrinkles have become too deep and you strongly complex in this regard, you can try to smooth them with injections of Botox. Until recently, this procedure was quite risky, but modern salons use a softer method of treating Botox wrinkles, without consequences.

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