Eyebrow correction at home

eyebrow correction

To make eyebrows always look neat, you need to correct their shape every 2-3 weeks.

If you want to give a new shape to the eyebrows or think about correction for the first time, contact an experienced master in the salon. Most often, eyebrow correction is performed with tweezers, thread or wax.

Eyebrow correction

Correction eyebrows thread - the most popular method that came to us from the Ancient East. It allows you to remove even the smallest, furry hairs, resulting in eyebrows look very neat for a long time.

To master the technique of eyebrow correction at home, you need a certain skill, as it is difficult to do on yourself. The cotton thread is pulled, then the loop is threaded into the hairs and jerked violently.

The disadvantages of this method of hair removal are painful sensations, a small traumatic skin that is accompanied by redness. To avoid inflammation, the skin is treated with an antiseptic after the procedure.

Eyebrow correction

To make wax correction at home, it is recommended to buy a special cream-wax for epilation. Eyebrows should first be smoothed with a brush, then decide on their future shape. Now gently apply the cream with a wooden spatula to the places where there should not be any hairs. Glue a strip of tissue to the wax, after a while, tear off sharply, supporting the skin with the pads of your fingers. Treat eyebrows with cream after depilation to reduce irritation and slow down further growth of hairs.

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