Correct form of eyebrows

manner on the eyebrows constantly changes: they are narrow, like a thread, then lightly fly over their eyes in the form of wings. The shape of the eyebrows can change the expression of our face, make it friendly, or vice versa, moody. Therefore, it is very important to determine for yourself the ideal bend and thickness of the eyebrows.

We select eyebrows to face

Ideal eyebrows should blend harmoniously with the features of your face. The classical form of eyebrows, which, as a rule, is suitable for everyone, is considered a soft, graceful arc. However, for each type of face there are rules for modeling the shape of the eyebrows. Let's try to listen to the advice of stylists: emphasize the dignity of your face and hide faults with the help of bending your eyebrows.

First you need to determine the shape of your face.

If you have a round face , the shape of the eyebrows should be modeled so that it is visually elongated; closer to the shape of the oval. The arch of the eyebrows should be pointed, with a high bend. But do not overdo it: a too high arc can give you a surprised expression, big eyes will appear even more.

The oval shape of the face is considered ideal, so it is advisable to leave the bending of the eyebrows natural, and correct only the thickness of the eyebrows, give them a neat shape and remove excess hairs.

An elongated or rectangular face , on the contrary, needs to be visually rounded. This can be done using the shape of the eyebrow with a soft bend. You will also get straight eyebrows, or pointed at the outer corner.

The triangular face can be corrected using a rounded eyebrow shape. However, the eyebrows should not be too round, this will look unnatural on your face. The ideal shape of the eyebrows for a triangular face is an easy, hardly noticeable semicircle, which in shape approaches a straight straight line.

A square type of face can decorate the eyebrows in the form of a "house", ie, pointed in the middle. To make it harmonious, model the angle of bending of the eyebrows either over the middle of the eye, or closer to its outer edge. With this form of the face, the eyebrows are recommended to be made longer, this will bring the face closer to the oval.

If you have one of the rare facial types - a diamond (its second name is a polygon), the bend of your eyebrows should be soft, natural, to soften the face oval and make it more feminine.

As for the thickness of the eyebrows, everything here depends on manner. Thin eyebrows, strings have long been a thing of the past. Today women of manner prefer an average thickness of eyebrows, approximate to the natural.

Before you decide to model yourself the shape of the eyebrows, think about the fact that only an experienced master can guarantee you the most reliable result. After you are done with the ideal eyebrows in the salon, you will only have to periodically adjust them and pluck out excess hairs.

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