A healthy lifestyle rejuvenates the skin

A healthy lifestyle will delay the appearance of new signs of aging will give you a generally more youthful appearance.

Pay attention to the following factors that contribute to premature aging of the skin.

Damage that can not be filled with care

Particularly contributes to the appearance of early wrinkles smoking. Studies have shown that the skin of women smokers is aging at least four times faster than women without nicotine addiction (this applies to men). The free radicals are to blame for this. With each inhalation entering the lungs, a large number of these aggressive particles are released. They attack the fat-containing cell walls and change the hereditary information in the nuclei of cells, which entails a deterioration in the quality of the newly formed cells.

In addition, nicotine, a means of enjoyment contained in a cigarette, narrows the blood vessels. This worsens the blood supply to the skin of smokers, and it not only looks faint and weak - it is so. Since the skin is planted on a meager ration, it lacks the necessary substances for regeneration. First of all, the lack of vitamins, because most of the body starts to neutralize free radicals. Smokers very much do not have enough vitamin C, which is absolutely necessary for the formation of cutaneous collagen. If you are not able to get out of smoking, take care at least about the abundant supply of vitamins. Particularly important vitamins A, E and C, as well as provitamin beta-carotene. Alcohol harms the skin, as it dehydrates tissues and takes away valuable mineral substances from them. In addition, alcohol dilates the blood vessels, including capillaries in the skin of the face, so that one day the extended red veins become noticeable. And, at last, the regular use of alcohol loads the liver, which immediately affects the skin.

Coffee and tea do not cause the skin tangible damage, but nevertheless in large quantities the liver is overloaded. This, as in the case of alcohol, worsens the metabolism, and therefore, the provision of energy, and the release of the skin from the slag. If you can not refuse these exciting drinks in large quantities, you better go to green or floral tea, and allow coffee only as a culinary delicacy.

Environmental action

Everyone can observe this action on themselves - at least comparing the skin on the inside of the hand and on the face. Where the skin for the whole life is relatively protected from external influences, it remains tender, smooth and without wrinkles until later in life. And where the skin is exposed to the sun, light, heat and cold - that is, on the face, on the neck and on the hands, it is visibly worn out.

The ultraviolet light plays a major role among all external influences. This is true not only for the burn effect of ultraviolet radiation during sun baths. Even in the ordinary daylight (and even in the light of halogen lamps!) Contains ultraviolet - true, A-ultraviolet from the long-wave part of the spectrum. Both types of ultraviolet radiation provoke biochemical processes in the connective tissues, in which free radicals and certain enzymes are released that attack and destroy collagen and elastic fibers. Because of this destruction, the elasticity of the skin and its ability to retain moisture are weakened. Therefore, dermatologists talk about "light aging", contrasting it with "biological aging".

If you want to prevent light aging of the skin, you must first abandon the pursuit of sunburn, reducing sunbathing to a minimum. If you can not avoid the sun, you need to protect the skin with strong light filters. In addition, it is important: use a day cream provided with light filters. The effect of light protects and makeup.

The emergence of free radicals and hidden irritation of the skin contributes to polluted air, which contains poisonous exhausts, poison dwellings and other harmful substances. If you constantly have to visit such air, it can significantly accelerate the aging of the skin. As an antidote, you can resort to the following measures: a good day cream and as much as possible movement in the fresh air.

Lose weight carefully!

It is familiar to many women: the arrow of scales at last shows correct weight, but on the face there were new folds. The reason: fatty tissues under the skin, which till now perfectly aligned weakening of connective tissues, were dug out. Apparently, the old formula is true, according to which a woman after forty must choose between a face and a figure. This applies primarily to women with lean faces. Because the fat pad with the years somehow comes off the face and without any diet. And the rounded childish face gradually turns into the face of an adult with clear features and then into a typical lean old face.


If you must or want to lose weight, but at the same time appreciate the smooth skin, after thirty you better not starve for the ideal weight. Two or three extra pounds in any case will allow your skin to look smoother. And it's too bad to lose weight, then get better. This stretches the elastic fibers, and the skin fades ahead of time.

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