Masks for lightening hair

Today, a lot of clarifying agents are produced - yes, except for clarification, they all "readily" overdry the hair. Therefore, many representatives of the fair sex decide not to completely change their natural hair color, but simply correct it with the help of natural recipes.

Lightening hair masks with chamomile

The most popular ingredient of home "paint" -masks can be called chamomile. But of course, this modest flower should be used by blondes or fair-haired, and not by burning brunettes. In addition to tonal lighting, a decoction of these flowers treats dry scalp, as well as dandruff.

Basic recipe: 2 tablespoons of dried flowers of chemist's chamomile pour boiling water (half a glass). Keep the container with chamomile in a water bath for about 15 minutes. When the broth cools down to an acceptable temperature, wash your hair and rinse your hair. The result: with prolonged use, the hair will become lighter in tone. Few? Increase the amount of chamomile spoons.

Mask from the broth is a real salvation for breaking hair. If you add 50 grams of glycerin to the chamomile as described above (but in a quarter of a glass of water), you will make a mask. Lubricate her hair, "pack" them in cellophane, resemble with such a "headdress" for about an hour. Glycerin will improve dry hair, and also help your new hair tone not wash out longer.

Mask with saffron. The above decoction, 1 tablespoon of saffron (it is added at the water bath stage), 5 drops of lavender ether, juice from 1 lemon. The mixture is applied to damp, clean hair, keeping it costs half an hour.

Mask with turmeric. In a container with 3 tablespoons chamomile pour a liter of boiling water, add 1 lemon peel (dry), 1 teaspoon of turmeric. The filtered hair is rinsed with hair after washing. It can be brewed for future use: storage lines for broth 4 days (in the refrigerator).

Lightening hair masks with lemon

The juice of this citrus is quite eater, so it's not worth it to apply it on the skin in a pure form - the skin will not like it very much. However, this "sponge" can be diluted by squeezing the juice out of 0.5 lemon into a liter of water. You will get a rinse for the hair, which you can use after each washing of the head. Be sure to do it if your hair is oily.

Tone mask. Mix lemon juice with water in a ratio of 1 to 3. Pour a little broth of chamomile, as well as a couple of spoons of castor or olive oil (the latter protects your hair from excessive "zeal" of lemon, so they do not dry out). This is a weekend mask: it needs to be held for at least 2 hours.

Honey - prescription for clarification from grandmothers

With the help of the gift, the bees were clarified, and they also healed the hair for a very long time. You can use honey in its pure form. For example, after washing your hair with shampoo (it is better to add a little sea salt to it), wipe them, lubricate each strand with a medication. After that, it is worth to endure the sweetness on the hair from 2 to 4 hours, and to sticky drops do not crawl on the back, wrap the head with a cellophane film. The mask is washed off under the tap with warm water.

Kefir mask for lightening hair

This dairy product is quite sour in order to slightly "eat" the color of the hair. You can use it 2 to 3 times a week. If you do not like the characteristic sour-milk smell, flavor the mask with essential oil. Remember: with colored hair, kefir is washing off the old shade.

The recipe for kefir mask. Chop the yolk, half a cup of yogurt, juice from 0.5 lemon. Add here a little of your shampoo. Apply on the hair to the very ends, pack the whole head in cellophane and a towel from the towel, and then go to bed. The mask is washed off in the morning.

Cinnamon - real beauty sister

This culinary preparation will suit even the brunette. After it, the hair strengthens, grows faster, smells delicious, and lightens quite noticeably - by 2 or 3 tones.

Mask with cinnamon do so. 3 tablespoons cinnamon powder from the supermarket, as much honey (liquid), 100 ml of your hair balm mix. Wash your head, dry it, and then apply the mask for 2 hours, under a warm turban. Course: 1 time in 7 days.

Masks for lightening hair with vinegar

Mix 1 teaspoon of natural apple cider vinegar, the same amount of glycerin, egg. The mask is applied for half an hour, the hair is wrapped with a towel for this time. Such withdrawal is shown every week, one mask.

Lightening mask of rhubarb

It's simple: pour a few stems of this plant with boiling water. When the broth cools down, rinse them with a head. Course: up to two weeks, one rinse per day.

Mask for lightening hair with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise works well not only in nutritional masks, another one of its property - lightening of hair. Apply on the hair (from roots to ends) a mixture of yolk and half a cup of mayonnaise. Dress homemade turbans from a shower cap and towels. After a long time (from 2 to 5 hours), mayonnaise can be washed off.

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