Masks for blond hair

Masks for light hair should be chosen with special attention. Blond hair needs not only food and protection. Mask for light hair should bleach yellowness, to give natural dazzling shades and shine.

The main pigment of each hair of blond women is considered to be feomelanin, and for its quantity in the hair, some are being watched. How can you see that it was less developed? It's simple: hair has turned yellow, lost its former color and healthy appearance. How to launch the fichomelanin "zavodik" in the body? Go to the grocery store! Yes, everything is right: simple things like sour cream with mayonnaise, lemon with rhubarb, chamomile with green tea, honey with cinnamon, and kefir, will help restore a beautiful tone to the hair.

By the way, there are products that can negatively affect the shade of light hair. For example, if a decoction of walnut shells, black tea and coffee, cocoa, soy sauce, and decoctions of sage and oak bark are found in the hair mask, you will see that the color of your "mane" has become darker.

Which masks are suitable for light hair?

First of all, blond beauties are useful to do rinses with strong green tea, as well as rhubarb and chamomile broths. Such procedures will moisturize every curl, strengthen the hair structure, and also "settle" in the hair a sweet gold.

Masks with cinnamon

This element helps the spit to grow to the waist very quickly, while brightening it. Doing masks with cinnamon often, a girl with dark blond hair can become a real blonde. True, there are cases when cinnamon turns beauties into "chanterelles", making hair reddish. How to make such a mask? Mix 0.5 cups of honey (liquid, slightly warmed in a water bath), 4 tablespoons of cinnamon (powder), a glass of conditioner for hair. This composition will give you all the delights of cinnamon care: you will not only brighten your hair, but also strengthen them, and also adjust their growth.

Masks with yogurt

Do not want to be a "fox" - pour kefir not only in pancakes, but also in a mask! Or rather: mix 100 ml of this product, 1 egg, as well as a teaspoon of olive oil. The mask will strengthen the roots, help the hair to grow, and of course, remove the redhead from them.

Lemon Masks

This sour citrus is a spectacular clarifier, however, it only fits to greasy hair. To enjoy this gift of nature is simple: rinsing your head washed, drip some juice into the water. By the way, instead of lemon, you can take apple cider vinegar (use it no more than 2 times a week).

Honey masks for blond hair

This valuable gift of bees "heals" small "wounds" on the hair, strengthens the roots, not allowing you to lose your real beauty. After such masks the curls become much more obedient and softer. 1 recipe: take in equal parts kefir and honey (if the hair is greasy, pour a teaspoon of lemon juice). 2 recipe: add honey to your hair balm - also in equal parts. Keep on the head for 15 minutes.

Chamomile for light hair

Simple meadow flowers will give you the gloss and smoothness of silk. 25 g of chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water, let it stand for 30 minutes. In the strained infusion, squeeze out the juice from half a lemon, and add 3 tablespoons of honey. Keep this remedy on your hair 3 hours, under the film.

Banana care

This is a real storehouse of vitamins, so masks are made with it in the spring or autumn. Cut the banana with a fork, and mix 3 tablespoons of this puree with 1 egg yolk. The mask is applied to the roots. Mask number two: mashed potatoes, yolk and 2 tablespoons sour cream mixed, add warm water in the water bath oil (2 tablespoons), and honey (the same amount).

Masks with glycerin

This drug will also drive yellowness off your locks. Mask: to 1 teaspoon of glycerin add 2 yolks, as well as 2 or 3 drops of lemon ether. The mask is rubbed into the skin, and the remnants of it stretch across all the hair. Half an hour later it is worth washing without shampoo.

Masks with mayonnaise

Humidification, nutrition, elimination of dryness, clarification - that's what makes this product from the supermarket with hair. Simply brush the hair to the ends with the usual "Provansal", hold it under the cellophane and fabric turban for three hours - and you will see for yourself! This mask is washed off with a shampoo.

Oils for blond hair

Mask with oils, which strengthens the hair. On a tablespoon of jojoba oil, macadamia, avocado warm in a water bath. Drip 2 to 3 drops of esters of rosemary, ylang-ylang, chamomile.

Night mask for blond hair

2 tablespoons skate, 50 ml kefir, 1 tablespoon honey, as much olive oil, 2 tablespoons lemon juice.

Nourishing mask from beer with yogurt

Mix light beer and kefir in equal proportions, whisk. Apply the mask on the locks and scalp, warm for 30 minutes. The mask moisturizes and strengthens the hair, enhances growth.

Having become friends with such masks, you will improve and lighten the hair. And, in addition, as a bonus you will receive treatment for dandruff, split ends, and hair loss. Magic? No, the healing gifts of nature!

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