Women's haircuts for a triangular face

A triangular face implies superiority in the width of the upper part above the lower one. Owners of this form, as a rule, have expressive cheekbones, a small chin and a tall, broad forehead.

Correctly selected coiffure is able to visually remove the physical discrepancy between the upper part of the face and the bottom. Experts argue that young ladies with a triangular face should refrain from coiffures that emphasize the splendor of the hair, especially at the level of the forehead.

Short haircuts for a triangular face

Some believe that short hair is not very well in harmony with the triangular shape of the face. Moreover, there is an opinion that such a coiffure is generally unacceptable. However, there are always exceptions to the rules: in some cases, a short haircut is able to emphasize facial features, make them more expressive.

A striking example - Victoria Beckham , which the haircut "under the boy" absolutely not spoiled. But short and lush coiffures should be avoided: the bulky head with the triangular shape of the face of real beauty clearly does not add.

Medium-length coiffures for a triangular face

Such haircuts visually expand the lower part of the face, this is done through various variants of the quads . It is desirable that the hair does not fall below the middle of the neck or be at the level of the chin, while allowing the curling of the tips of the hair inside or out.

Also perfect is a haircut with a volume on the back of the head and a graduated haircut (profiled edges - always).

The shape of the bang can be anything: oblique, thick, straight, torn - any one will do. It is important only not to overdo it and accidentally not "increase" the area of ​​the forehead. Possessors of hair trimmed to the shoulders should refrain from curling in a lock to avoid violating the created volume.

Thus, medium-length haircuts offer a huge selection of coiffures for a triangular face.

Long haircuts for a triangular face

For lovers of long hair, there are also a number of tips, the following which obscures the "triangle effect".

The first thing to do is to abandon the hair gathered at the back of the neck, whether it's a tail or a bun. Smooth and straight hair can accentuate a small chin and a broad forehead, if there is no bangs - especially. That's why you need to curl them in curls and curls. This process can be produced both by means of a curl that gives a permanent basis to the existence of the locks, and at each laying.

It is very important that the coiffure resembles a pyramid: a minimum of volume at the top and curls at the bottom. If the long-haired girl does not mind sacrificing at least part of her hair, then all sorts of haircuts "cascade" will have a beneficial effect on her triangular face, will give him a more "correct" proportion.

Cascade or ladder , perhaps, is the best choice for long-haired owners of a triangular face.

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