Female haircuts for medium hair

When choosing a haircut, many girls turn their eyes to the average length of the hair. And it is not surprising, because the hair of medium length looks very feminine, practical and convenient in laying, as well as give the opportunity to its owner to create unique coiffures almost as long as.

Let's not forget that this length perfectly emphasizes all the charm and charm of well-groomed hair (in the modern real beauty industry, hair care is the main trend). The main hair cuts of medium hair are: an elongated bean, cascading haircuts and quads. Structured locks, asymmetry, curls, all kinds of bangs and excretions remain mannerable.

Cascade haircuts for medium hair

The most relevant for medium hair are haircuts cascading. Versatility for any type of hair, boundless variety of styling options, make these haircuts a favorite basic option for a huge number of women. The cascade will "rejuvenate" the face and soften its features. With these haircuts, excessively thin and elongated faces are corrected.

Bob for medium hair

Elegance and accuracy - allies of haircuts. It is also great for any type of medium-length hair. Bob does not require a long piling and looks always feminine. If you need to correct the facial features, choose one of the many options for this coiffure. Thick and straight hair, the greatest effect will give an elongated bean. Coloring and highlighting of individual strands, looks very harmonious with this haircut.

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Medium length for medium length hair

The mannerability of cutting the square for medium length hair is a proven fact for years. In the classic version, this haircut is chosen by active, business women. To give the image of lightness and to emphasize femininity it is possible with the help of graded square. Popular are cuts of quads with asymmetry, cheeks of different lengths, graded strands on the back of the head and faces in the grunge style.

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A scaffold for medium hair

Gradual grading or simply cutting a ladder for medium hair - a hit for ages. It facilitates heavy strands and at the same time adds great volume. No difference in straight hair or curly, the ladder is perfect for both types, it has a huge variety of styling. Ladies of any age can choose a ladder for medium hair.

Haircuts with bangs on medium hair

Any female face will be rejuvenated with a haircut with a bang for medium hair. Straight or oblique, thick or thinned bangs - a feature of this season.

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