Torn haircut

A coiffure with torn strands does not suit everyone. It will be inappropriate for the owners of rare, thin and curly hair. The most adapted to her are girls with thick, soft and obedient hair.

Torn haircut on long hair

Girls, whose hair has a good length, softness and obedience, can safely experiment with ragged haircuts. In this case, the usual ladder or cascade is modified, by cutting off the tips. With this option, it is possible to highlight the curls in the face.

Ragged haircut Cascade

This coiffure perfectly suits owners of hair of any length. The technique of execution provides for multilayer stepping up of hair along the entire circumference of the head, or separately near the face. A kind of strands resembling a multi-level cascade, and gave the name to this coiffure.

Ragged hair for chubby

Such a haircut makes it possible to visually extend the round face . To do this, just lightly put the strands on the area of ​​the cheeks, and a bang a little to thin.

Ragged hair on short hair

If you have short hair, but want a mannerable coiffure, then torn strands will be the best option. This performance will make your image unique, adding a little creative.

Haircuts of such a plan are very practical, do not require long laying and are great for a business woman, a student and even a schoolgirl. This versatility allows them to have immense popularity.

Ragged haircut makes it possible to visually increase the volume. In addition, going to a party, you can slightly pokreativit, just ruffled the bangs or the back of the head.

Cutting a tattered bean

Despite the fact that the bob is considered an ordinary haircut, torn strands can significantly dilute this simplicity. The effect will be especially good for medium length hair, and bright color. General attention is guaranteed to you.

Forget about the daily grueling styling. Now for laying you need a couple of minutes. Do not strive to make everything perfect. Light negligence is exactly what you need. Refresh the familiar image of a slanting bang .

Torn square

Using the technique of torn haircut, you can unrecognizably refresh the classic square . Modification occurs due to the replacement of a smooth cut with torn ends. At the same time they give the image some kind of negligence and seductiveness. Having made such a decision, you can change the square, making it more modern. A girl with such a hairdress makes an impression of adventurous and ready for experimenting person.

The most popular ragged haircuts are used by young girls, constantly striving to reveal new facets in their familiar image. It looks very good on asymmetrical haircuts with cascade strands.

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