Haircut for a rectangular face

Looking in the mirror, you probably noticed more than once that your rectangular face simultaneously resembles a square and elongated face. Looking at you, many people have an association with strength and dignity.

Do you think your face is not very feminine? So, you had before that a problem with choosing a haircut for a rectangular face. Having made the right bet on the hair, you will give an image of subtlety, tenderness and harmony.

Haircuts for a rectangular face for long hair

The cascade and volumetric styling are best for a long head of hair. Graduated ladder will soften your face, and the milled vertex on the contrary will distract attention from it.

Haircut for a rectangular face: curls

Not bad on you will also look curly curls - they will create a very delicate bow. But do not forget: they must become voluminous from the middle, and not from the roots.

Whether to make a bang? There are no "contraindications", even on the contrary: it will beautifully cover your high forehead. But remember: better than others you will go torn or slanting chelochka.

Not much worse "lie" and a semicircular or straight, but too short a bang definitely will not make you more beautiful.

The best length of hair for a coiffure on a rectangular face is the "golden mean", that is, the middle one. It camouflages the elongation of the face, and at the same time surrounds you with a range of femininity.

A scaffold plus strands with filirovoj and provocatively sticking outwards by tips - the good decision which besides can be mannerably laid in a chaotic style.

This coiffure will also allow you to make large curls, which at once will add you a hundred points in favor of tenderness.

Haircut for a rectangular face

A classic bean or an elongated square is also your option. If the face is covered with elongated strands, they narrow the line of the jaw, and if you cut the brow on top, it will make the face rounder and the forehead lower.

Asymmetry is also your everything! The main thing that the line of a cut of hair covered a bottom of the face (cheekbones). In addition, you might like a haircut with a cap that forms an elegant oval on the head.

Short haircuts for a rectangular face

It's unlikely that you once thought of a short haircut for a rectangular face, and if you thought about it, you did not dare to do it. Indeed, it is believed that this is not your choice. However, you can cheat and pick up something of the kind for yourself.

A huge mistake in this case - comb your hair back. Naches in the center of the head is another extreme, which is also "counter-indicative" for you.

But the "recipe" from the oblique bangs and short stitches (down to the bottom of the ears) will just suit you. Lay this haircut in waves, so that several curls fall on your face. This styling camouflages all unwanted sharp corners, leaving you with only charm and harmony.

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