Women's haircuts for a full face

It is known that for each type of face, haircut and coiffure should be chosen very carefully in order to hide the features that are disadvantageous, and emphasize the dignity. For the most correct selection of haircuts for a full face, you should pay attention to options that can slightly extend the face visually and reduce the completeness.

Of course, every girl with a full face when choosing a haircut should know that the length of the hair should not be above the line of cheekbones. Some people prefer to choose those haircuts for a full face, which assume the length of the hair almost to the chin. If you risk and make your hair shorter, then you can make things worse - your face will seem even fuller. Especially it will affect the cheeks, which will acquire a larger visual volume.

Haircuts for a full face for an average length

Most stylists claim: it is best to hide the fullness of middle hair, the length of which does not exceed the level of the shoulders. Effectively, cascading multilayered haircuts look like they hide curvy cheeks, make the shape of the face more slender.

Long haircuts for a full face

Long hair can visually stretch the face of the face. Multi-layered long haircuts will create a beautiful volume and help hide the full cheeks.

Short haircuts for a full face

Puffy girls with short hair can choose a very stylish haircut that will emphasize your personality and visually hide all that you would like. A successful short haircut for a full face is your business card, guaranteeing success and recognition in the crowd.

Many believe that in the haircut for the full face must necessarily be present some "artistic" disorder and chaos, however, this is not entirely true. After all, haircuts, suggesting a neat styling, can look just great.

Elongated strands hide the completeness

For example, an excellent option is to cut the square with elongated strands in front, which cover the neck and cheeks. The same option will look great if you add a slanting bangs to the haircut. It should be noted that for such a haircut you can have both straight and slightly curly hair - it will turn out equally beautifully.


Such haircuts, as "Lesenka" and "Cascade" can be called the most ideal for a full face. Both haircuts are characterized by multi-layered steps - they are able to give the hair more volume and harmony with the whole appearance.

If there is a small second chin, then the cascade with strands that fall on the cheekbones and neck will perfectly hide it. However, the strands that frame the face should not be short. The "Lesenka" haircut due to its main feature will make the face thinner and slightly lengthen it visually.

Light volume

For an excellent combination of a coiffure with magnificent forms of a figure it is necessary to take care of volume of hair, especially it concerns a vertex. A good option for giving hair volume is a haircut "Cascade" . In addition, hair can grow even larger if they are slightly profiled at the roots.


Girls with a full face should remember that a straight central part can only emphasize the completeness, so you should forget about it once and for all. The most ideal option is an oblique parting, which due to asymmetry will make the face thinner and elongated visually.

Many full girls make a very big mistake when they cut a straight bang. This makes the face even more complete. Ideal option - oblique asymmetrical bangs .

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