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Women's haircuts for an oval face

The ideal shape of the face is the oval shape. Girls who have an oval face shape are very lucky, literally all kinds of haircuts will suit them.

You can easily carry out experiments without damaging your image, since having this form of face does not need to hide any flaws, in the form of smoothing the corners of the face or hide the fullness of the features. Therefore, for people with an oval face suits a huge number of haircuts and all kinds of bangs.

Consider the types of coiffures that are most suitable for oval-shaped individuals.

Haircuts for an oval face on medium hair

1. Cut "Kare" , this haircut can be done with a shortened, elongated and classic cut to the level of the shoulders and straight bangs. There are types of quads, like square grades, with which you can give a volume to the hair, which is thin in its texture, and the elongated square can hide the shape of the ears. You can also make a variety in the image by choosing a square on a leg or square double.

2. Haircut "Bob" has a large number of options. This coiffure can be in the classical version both without a bangs, and with such a stylish chelochkoy, and even in this version as a ragged. With this form of face you can not be afraid to conduct experiments, go for it!

3. Haircut "Sesson" , it will perfectly emphasize the real beauty of the face and give extra splendor.

Haircuts for an oval face for long hair

1. Haircut "Cascade" is great for girls with long hair with an oval face shape, so this coiffure is preferred to choose a large number of girls with these hair. The technique of this haircut will give extra volume to thin hair. Especially fortunate with such a haircut to those girls who have wavy hair, since with this haircut the hair looks neatly laid.

2. The "Lesenka" haircut, stylish, perfectly frames the face and hides a rather large number of flaws in appearance.

3. Haircuts long with bangs - these haircuts can be made as with a straight bangs to the line of eyebrows or slightly lower, and also you can make either an oblique or torn bangs.

Short haircuts for an oval face

1. Haircut "Pixie" - great for girls with an oval face. With this hairdo, you can emphasize the magnificent shape of your face and the real beauty of your facial features. Little girls with this hair style will look very charming.

2. Haircut "Garzon" - this haircut for the oval face is rather short, it opens the neck, shoulders, helps to get the person extra real beauty and charm, as well as elegance.

3. Cut "Short Bob-kary" - a neat, short haircut, giving a magnificent view to the owner of this haircut. This coiffure can be worn by a person with an oval face with almost any bangs, adding stylishness to girls with this haircut.

Correct the shortcomings of the person

Depending on the appearance and features of the facial features with the help of a haircut for an oval face, the following shortcomings can be corrected:

- To hide the ears that stick out, you should choose the "Bob with elongated strands" haircut, which will perfectly cope with this small problem;

- If the forehead is low , then you must choose your haircut with a bang, which will give the person a proportional appearance;

- to hide the big nose , do not make haircuts too short, and too long, and also avoid smooth haircuts that will additionally increase this flaw in appearance. You should put hair fluffy, which will give balance to the facial features.

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Oval face. We select a harmonious image: make-up, eyebrows, glasses

Oval face shape - the best type, given by nature. Happy owners of this type of person, thanks to the ideal proportions, can afford to realize any wildest fantasies and radically change the image. But still it is necessary to listen to the advice of stylists.

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