Cutting the Scaffold on medium hair

Change the habitual shape of medium hair is risky. Firstly, the hairdo may not like, and cut off - it means, go to shorter hair. Secondly, the master can cut too much, and everything that you have grown six months, will be lost. Therefore, deciding to change the image, it is better to choose such universal solutions as a ladder to medium hair. This haircut creates a beautiful silhouette, gives the head volume, as well as preserves the length you liked.

Why is this haircut called a ladder? Because with its formation the strands are cut in the form of steps. It is interesting that depending on the type of hair and the shape of the face, the hairdo each time will look unique and individual. 

The master will advise you this coiffure, even if you are the owner of a square or round face. But do not forget: all the "magic" is not in the coiffure as a whole, but in the side strands that surround the cheekbones. It is they who can beautifully adjust the shape of the cheeks.

A scaffold for medium hair with a graduation

The length of the braces and the depth of cutting out each depend on the structure of the hair. If the hair is light and thin, the "ladder" can turn out with frequent and thin steps - this makes it more magnificent. If the hair is hard and too lush, elongated, shallow steps make them more plastic and elegant.

A scaffold for medium hair with a bangs

A superfluous addition to this haircut will be a bang. If your face is round, with prominent features, choose an elongated bang of an arched shape, thinned out - it will soften your features somewhat. And ate the face, on the contrary thin and narrow, it is best decorated with a long (up to the line of eyebrows), a thick bang.

A small, medium-length ladder ideally "sweats" with any of the hairdressers invented by hairdressers, so if you have such a haircut, you can try on both a torn and slanting cheek. The only thing - let it not be too short.

As for the color of hair, there are no restrictions. However, if the coloring failed (say, turned out to be uneven), or whether it is high time to tint the roots that have grown back, it will catch your eye.

If even after cutting you do not have enough volume, do coloring. It will also give the hair brightness and shine. But do not forget that this year's manner is not a dance of flowers, but a naturalness. So do not make sharp transitions - let on strands only two or three shades, not very different from the general tone of hair, are combined.

Styling of a scaffold on a medium hair

Stacking a ladder is very simple. Putting the tips with a brush "hedgehog", dry the hair with a hair dryer. The tips can be elegantly wrapped inside, and carelessly turned outward.

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