Women's haircuts for a square face

Haircuts for a square face

It is believed that a square face is an ideal of appearance ... but, unfortunately, not feminine. What if the nature awarded you this person? Choose the right haircuts for a square face. After all, real beauty is not in the oval of the head, but in your attitude towards yourself!

Suitable haircuts for a square face:

What do you need to demand from a haircut? The ability to mask angular cheekbones and soften the shape of the face. The appearance of your haircut should be multi-layered or bulky. A smooth coiffure will emphasize the square outlines of the face. The volume should be created using graded or torn haircut types .

Asymmetric haircuts

A perfect choice is a haircut with asymmetry . Uneven hair length, ladder, contribute to distraction of attention from the shape of the face. With the help of an asymmetric coiffure, all angles are smoothed out. Wavy hair is a godsend for girls who have a square face shape.

Light waves soften the face

Thanks to wavy hair, you can create the necessary volume coiffures, as the curls that fall on your face will help visually round it.

Long slanting bangs

For the square shape of the face, an asymmetric bang perfectly fits well, which was laid to one side. It is also worth noting that you need to avoid voluminous and straight bangs, weighting facial features. Do not do coiffures, which have a direct parting. Ideal fit lateral and zigzagging protorii. Side parting will help create a more correct proportion of the face.

Short haircuts for people with a "square" face

Do you dream of a pixy, a hanson or another short haircut? Why not!? The main thing - in front to release a pair of locks, which will be nice to surround the face, hiding under itself all its shortcomings. With this task, the mannerable coiffure of a pixie-bean will perfectly handle. If you wear a pixie, connect it with a long bang, but not the correct length, but the oblique.

It is also possible to use the volume in the crown zone, or the version of the coiffure more resembling a bean with asymmetry. And do not give up daily styling: the volume near the roots, disheveled hair ... And of course, the bangs, to which the attention of all present will be riveted, should always be well-groomed and beautifully laid.

Careless laying

Open forehead and short coiffures can undesirably emphasize all the shortcomings of a square face. In order for the haircut to have a harmonious appearance, you should create a volume in the roots, lift the hair, and make a slightly careless styling. Also it is necessary to make an asymmetrical bang and lay it on its side, so that the proportions of the face are equalized.

Haircut for a square face

Bob - what is not a haircut for you? But only in the case of an elongated version of this coiffure, slanting or classics. Not bad looks also Bob-kary short version in combination with a short cheek on one side (above the eyebrow line). And do not forget about the wave - this is for the chubby girls plojka taboo, you can quite afford the waves.

Shortened Bob-kara is also perfect for girls who have a square face shape. Here you need a multi-layered haircut and necessarily laid on one side chelochka, which should be just above the line of eyebrows.

With the help of multi-layer Bob-kara, you can create different varieties of coiffures - from classic quads to multilayer beans. The latter option is suitable for different lengths of hair.

When choosing a shortened haircut, pay attention to asymmetric models. They are an excellent option for girls with rough facial features. This type of haircut is created on the basis of small haircuts, such as a bean or pixie. Asymmetry can be created by making a side parting, a slanting bang, in which individual strands will hang down to the chin.

Medium haircuts for a square face

At the average length will beautifully lie ladder, cascade and other hairdresses with steps. In this case, the shortest strands should extend along the length to the chin, and individual strands are separated with the help of a gel. Any styling with hair on your face will be welcome.

Classical quads will not advise you to do any master - it adds to the image of brutality, which in your case is unacceptable. But the mown square is another matter. The shortened neck, elongated locks in the front - this is just an option, not only masking the shortcomings, but also making the face more proportionate.

Cascade multilayered haircuts

With the help of the cascade, the stepped and multi-layered haircuts will look perfect both on long and medium hair. They look just perfect, adjusting the shape of the face. Many make twisted tips on medium hair. It looks very interesting and suits girls who have a square face shape.

Square face and long hair

Of course, if you have sharp cheekbones, long hair is best. If they are curled, they can not be made into a haircut - just cut it smoothly, but if the hair is straight, do not forget to screw it up more often.

"Lesenka" is the optimal long haircut for a square face shape and ideally suits it, especially if the graduation is above the cheekbones.

Important tips when choosing a haircut for a square face:

You do not need to get a haircut, creating clear lines near the face - you can not visually narrow it or expand it. Geometry in haircuts, sharp corners - this is also taboo. And of course, the length to the chin (say, when performing a classic haircut bob) - just not your option.

In general, in your case, a lot of haircuts will do, just do not forget: one wrong item (let's say, the wrong one - short and even instead of wide, sloping) - and "the style is not the same." Therefore, be careful when choosing your future image - and you will always like your own reflection in the mirror!

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