Women's haircuts for a round face

Having a full round face, some women are sometimes lost in choosing a coiffure. An important factor in this is not to highlight the shortcomings, but to emphasize the feature and lengthen the shape of the face, thereby showing it in a more favorable perspective.

To achieve the desired result, you can experiment with a variety of coiffures to achieve the desired result and understand which options should be discarded.

Short haircuts for a round face

Short haircuts can profitably transform the owners of the round face, the main thing is to successfully choose a model. The most suitable variant of such haircuts can be a mini-car, which implies a short bang and length of hair covering the ear, the back part must be completely trimmed.

Bob for the round face

Haircut bean, but only elongated, should fit perfectly, but not all. In general, this haircut is designed to hide the fullness of the cheeks, due to the length below the chin, while the hair should be perfectly straight. If curls curly or curly, and this haircut is very attractive, it is always easy to use ironing to straighten hair.

Naturally, not all owners of the round face have a suitable hair type for elongated haircuts : thin and liquid strands owners are advised to cut short, but at the same time leave their ears covered. The main volume of hair is desirable to concentrate on top of the head, thereby visually stretching the shape of the head, and whiskey is left short.

Pixie haircut for the round-faced girls

There are many models of this coiffure. For the round face, we advise you to take a closer look at some of the features: asymmetry, long bangs, high stacking with a fleece.

Long hair and round face

For example, a round face fits perfectly with long hair . And, on long hair, haircuts can be very diverse, regardless of whether they are straight or curly. And the magnificent hairdress with slightly curled tips will make the face more graceful and will extend a neck. You can also make a light hair on the bangs or the back of the head: this stroke is used to visually extend the face and emphasize the coiffure.

Cutting "Cascade" for a round face

Cascading haircut is most often used for the face of a round shape. However, the bangs for this coiffure are chosen necessarily oblique: short or thick checks here will be completely out of place. Chubby beauties can use either a smooth cascading haircut - for lengthening face and neck shapes, and limited to shoulders - this option implies several types of different stitches, each of which will look amazing.

Haircut "Kare" for a round face

But the haircut kara , which has long been fond of all women without exception, chubby-faced manneristas can afford unconditionally. Especially mannerable today improved model - with elongated front ends. However, only women with straight hair can afford it.

Shape of a bang for a round face

A bang for a round face is not absolutely necessary element. If, however, the bangs do exist, then it must be cascaded, elongated, or with torn tips. Asymmetric bangs , trimmed with steps, can perfectly adjust the shape of the face, and a bang with feathers on the tips can soften and transform the styling. It is necessary to abandon short and thick bangs.

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Round face. We select a harmonious image: make-up, eyebrows, glasses

For a round face shape, the same length and width and round shape of the chin are characteristic. Such ladies should avoid coiffures and accessories that can visually make the shape of the face even more round.

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