mannerable square - 2017 - 2020

Stylists and hairdressers have already managed to prepare for mannerable women new solutions and haircuts, thus determining the main trend directions for the next season. Thus, according to the unanimous opinion of the leading gurus in the field of hairdressing, the most mannerable haircut of 2017 - 2020 continues to be the quads, on the basis of which the stylists created, as absolutely creative, original coiffures, and demonstrated a new vision of the eternal classics.

mannerable square - 2017 - 2020: ripped ends

Kare with torn tips became a hit of the upcoming manner season. The coiffure looks alive, natural, voluminous, softens the contours of the face and has a rejuvenating effect.

Square with asymmetric parting

Careless, as if accidentally formed parting is considered a manner trend in 2020. This technique is ideal for owners of round and square type face, and hide the chubby cheeks.

mannerable square - 2017 - 2020: soft waves

Kare with soft, sometimes barely noticeable waves - the most popular coiffure on the red carpet and catwalks. She makes facial features softer and feminine, looks volume, festive, elegant.

mannerable dress in casual style

Free style in the coiffure is dominant today. Slightly whipped ends of hair, a small amount on the crown is created with a few minutes.

Another way to look stylish is to lay the ends of the hair in different directions with the help of fixing means.

Asymmetrical square - 2017 - 2020

Asymmetry in the cuts of the square does not give up its positions for several seasons in a row. This trend will appeal to courageous and bright girls who want to emphasize their individuality.

mannerable square with graduation

The line of mannerable boxes 2017 - 2020 can not be called complete without a graduated square, whose silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of a model executed in a classical style.

Graduating can be pronounced, starting from the very roots of the line or represent a barely intense "ladder", manifested only at the tips. By the way, graduation can be performed not only on the side and back strands, but also on the bangs.

As for the length of the graduated haircut, it can be either extremely short or elongated, depending on which option is more suitable for the woman's face.

mannerable square with shaven temple

Haircuts with a shaven temple are already tried by most manneristas, this trend is today with all models of coiffures. The shortened temple makes the coiffure asymmetrical, gives a zest to the image, and if desired, you can hide it by changing the parting.

mannerable square, combed back

Smooth, sleek coiffures return to manner again, and Hollywood beauties try on them first. This image will be an alternative option after disheveled voluminous curls, and now you have the opportunity to be different every day!

Square without bangs

And, finally, a short square without a bang or complemented by a slanting long bang which for the third consecutive year is one of the most popular coiffures. Haircut is suitable for women with smooth, wavy and curly hair, especially if it is fixed with gel, wax or varnish.

This coiffure does the impossible - she surprisingly ennobles a woman's face, giving it the refinement and aristocracy of ladies from the paintings of outstanding artists of past eras.

Straight smooth frame 2017 - 2020

If there is a coiffure timeless, then this is a straightforward, smooth square, which is always in a trend.

In the upcoming mannerable season - 2020, a smooth square can be supplemented with an elongated, thick slightly oblique or even bangs to the eyebrows, which will perfectly beat the short and long quads, giving the woman a real "French" charm and stunning elegance.

Geometrical lines

A short square with geometrically correct and clear lines is the most mannerable solution for women with straight or artificially straightened hair. "Chip" of the coiffure is its ideal silhouette, so it is equally suitable for a dazzling blonde, charming "redhead" and a smart brunette.

Kare in an elongated style

An excellent option for women who want to make adjustments to their image, but at the same time, regret cutting long strands. Slightly asymmetrical and very interesting variant gives the hairdress original features, and for the woman - brightness and individuality.


The most mannerable square in 2017 - 2020 is a bean-car, or, as it is called in Russia, a "square on the leg". The haircut can be supplemented with a creative bang, longer than the pruning in the main haircut.

Care for frizzy hair

Do not think that a square is a coiffure for even hair, as it can look great on both wavy and curly hair. The universality of this haircut does not detract from its refinement, but also it perfectly transforms the woman's face, emphasizing its characteristic lines. In addition, the wavy structure of the hair and curls make it possible to make the hair more lush and voluminous, giving the female face touching and charming.

A variety of coiffures are simply stunning, but they are united by one trait: a mannerable square - 2020 calls on a woman not to be afraid of experimentation and change her coiffure depending on her mood, creating a gallery of bright and memorable images!

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