Haircuts for hard hair

The natural structure of the hard hair made them quite thick and dense. In certain cases, it can create small inconveniences when choosing a haircut, but if you act sensibly, then the effective appearance is guaranteed to you.

Styling of hard hair can become a real meal. Such locks are not only difficult to lay, but also very difficult to fix. Any coiffure will be short-lived, therefore to a choice of a coiffure for rigid hair it is necessary to approach creatively.

Suitable haircuts for hard hair


"The Cascade . " Hard hair is more elastic and strong, so they are almost not subjected to external changes. That's why such a haircut will be very appropriate. Long bangs are combed on the sides, and straight hair at the roots can smoothly go into the curls. A similar effect can be achieved with medium-sized curlers .

Layered bean

This hairdo is large enough. Layers are formed carelessly, so you do not have to waste time on a special styling. A distinctive feature is a straight, long bang .

Short haircuts "feathers"

Thin feathers, trimmed with layers will help to make hard hair lighter, airy and complaisant.

The basis of a short air-cutting can be a bean, a square, an Italian, a French haircut, a sassoon.

Mowing the ladder for an average length

For such a length, a haircut is also good, at which endings are performed at the ends. She perfectly emphasizes the natural oval of the face, which makes it possible to use it to girls of different types.

Backyard Pixie

Pixie is cut with strands of different lengths, so it keeps the shape well on hair of any type. The elongated oblique bangs will make the coiffure feminine and stylish.

Haircuts for hard hair: styling

To look good, owners of hard hair should stop on simple, not requiring long-term styling. Classic beans and quilts will not allow a long time to keep the shape, because the hair eventually fall under its own weight. If you allow a type of face, then you can stay on the haircut layers, while the length of the hair will remain medium.

Do not forget about the ability to tie your hair in a braid or a bundle. Stylists assure that hard hair for this perfectly fit. You just need to choose the right accessory that will complement your style.

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