Haircuts for thick hair

Elegant thick hair can turn any woman into an object of men's admiration, cause delights of girlfriends and a feeling of vexation among envious persons.

Haircuts for long, thick hair

Owners of a thick braid can be justly proud of the real beauty of their curls, but a lot of troubles with heavy strands. To emphasize the wealth given by nature, it is necessary to choose the right haircut and styling. The best solution is cascading and graded haircuts. They will thin out a thick mass of hair and facilitate laying.

Thick hair with a bangs

Thick, straight hair falling below the shoulder blades is a classic of commercials. A thick bang gives a special chic to this coiffure. In addition, the fringe, shot from the crown, removes the weight of thick hair from the front and makes them lighter. If the long strands are curled by nature, you can even align them with iron, although stacking with large soft waves will look amazing. Under the ban - small curls. On dense hair, they will look like a shapeless mane in the style of the eighties of last century.

Haircuts for a dense hair of medium length

Ideal length for thick hair - to the shoulders . With this option, the hair is not too heavy, the laying process is much simpler. The bang will also help reduce the weight and volume of thick hair. Be careful only girls with large facial features - they should leave their forehead open. An interesting and rather universal option - bangs , which begins with the back of the head.

A great way to give your hair a light haircut - strands . You can treat the tips with a razor. Very feminine looks a light bang divided into strands, extending at the sides and turning into a "ladder". Having laid this haircut with ironing and styling products with thermal protection, you will get a gentle and stylish look.

Short haircuts for thick hair

Wishing to make a haircut on thick hair to the middle of the neck makes sense to think about. There is a huge risk of getting as a result an unattractive formless "shock". But short haircuts of different styles will look great. The only limitation is the need to closely monitor the proportions and take into account the shape of the face.

Layered bean

Graduated bean, trimmed with multi-layered layers, looks very beautiful on dense hair. Due to the difference in length, the strands look more well-groomed and keep the shape.

Layered cap

Another option is to wear thick hair with pride. Such a haircut, made by a professional master, looks chic and expensive.

Clear geometry

The classic short square has smooth geometric contours, which give the hair a neat volume.

Grooming sessun also has a beautiful geometry and will give thick hair the right shape.

Haircut on leg for thick hair

This haircut is simply made for thick hair. Thanks to the smooth transition of length, the hair will not seem heavy and will always be beautifully laid.

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