Creative haircuts for girls

There are no clear rules that determine how creative haircuts should look like. Every person has his own image of this coiffure.

The main requirement for the master is the application of the most modern, experimental and progressive techniques, during the creation of creative haircuts. This is the moment when the craft turns into art.

Creative haircuts: a variety of models

Haircuts with shaven temple

Despite the many options for such haircuts, among them it is difficult to find the same or simply similar. Original forms, sharp transitions of profiled strands and smooth combinations of curly ringlets - all this creates an image of a woman, emphasizes her personality. Therefore, in most cases, this hair style is supplemented by creative coloring.

With elongated locks

With the help of elongated laces, you can turn any haircut into a creative one. Strands are painted in bright colors, which will give the appearance of uniqueness.

Creative Geometry

Complex geometric lines can be made in the area of ​​the bangs or temples. Thus, the classical haircut of a pixie, a bean or cap is transformed into a creative one.

With an elongated bang

Short haircut and long bangs - one of the most mannerable for today coiffure options. To curls looked unique, the bangs can be highlighted with bright colors.

Asymmetrical lines

Asymmetric haircuts always look stylish and original, they allow you to visually correct the defects of the face, hide the fullness and reduce age.

Creative haircuts: a combination of colors

When painting, any combinations of colors and shades are allowed, which leads to the most daring, and sometimes shocking, combinations. But just as the goal of creative haircut is to pay attention to its owner, the use of color contrasts will only supplement its unique image and emphasize uniqueness.

The number of variants of such a haircut is almost infinite and limited only by the imagination and creative potential of the master. Therefore, the higher the level of his skill, the more likely that it will turn out to be a truly exclusive and memorable haircut. Of course, all this should be based on a solid professional foundation and mastery of the basic methods.

Creative "Bob"

The most famous techniques used for creative haircuts are:

- Poynting - this is a thinning performed on dry hair, straight scissors;

- Pointtekat - this technique allows you to model long hair, another name - "point cut";

- disconnected connection - the ability to create a chic volume for the hair.

Creative "square"

A showy coiffure done on a professional level will look stylish and expensive, besides this, it will help to show the inner world of a woman and to distinguish her from the crowd. All this will be possible if the master can create a form of haircuts that will perfectly match the nature, type of hair, style of clothes and other characteristics of the client.

Multi-layer haircuts

The technique of multi-layered haircuts is complemented by bold color solutions.

Creative haircuts: care rules

The "life span" of creative haircuts is about five weeks, after which you can return to a more traditional option or again visit the salon. There is an opinion that before the next visit to the master, there is no need to take care of the haircut. This is wrong, without care, the haircut will get a messy look and charm will not give you.

The presence of a creative haircut, does not oblige its owner, to challenge society and be informal.

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