Sheghgy Bean Cut: manner Options

The word "sheggi" from English translates as "shaggy", or, in a simple way, "rastrepka." Foreign stylists call this word not only a specific haircut, but all hair styles in a free style, with fervently sticking strands.

It is best to cut a shaggy bob suitable for short or medium hair. It helps create a bold, "street" image, not devoid of special elegance and sexuality.

Shaggy bean: a choice of face shape and type of hair

This haircut will help to tame the most hard, thick or willful hair. If, on the contrary, you do not have the most dense strands, a little mess on your head, maybe it will not give them splendor, but the multilayer will make it possible to decorate your head beautifully, volume.

"Sheggy Bob" perfectly falls on the hair of any density and density, and they can then curl or be straight.

Shaggy bean with asymmetry

If you are unhappy with too square cheekbones or round cheeks, the beagle should be put on an oblique parting - this hair style will slightly correct your appearance. In addition, the round-shaped ladies of the master recommend to complement the haircut with a bilateral chelochkoy. She will give your face harmony, and for you herself - femininity.

Shaggy bob on short hair

Having decided to try on this haircut, remember: it requires some self-irony, windy. That's why it was loved by people of a creative type who want to remain themselves in any manner.

As for age, it can not be said that this is typically youth, or vice versa - an adult haircut, you can make it to any girl or woman. She "makes friends" with both a strict office dress and a sports suit. But most often it is advised exactly to ladies at the age of - all because she is very young, effectively hiding wrinkles on her forehead and camouflaging her plump cheeks.

Shaggy bean: technique of execution

The longer the hair, the more layers the hairdresser will create. By the way, the haircut does not have to be done on the entire hair stump - you can limit yourself to just one area (say, the crown). Strands can be cut according to the example of stairs (but not in strict sequence, but freely). In the course is filirovanie, as well as pulling the braces to 90 degrees.

Shaggy bean with elongation

Shoggy bob with elongation is often supplemented with strands shorter, with whole wide transverse layers.

Haircut equally well looks and with a bang, and without it.

The technique is as follows: starting from the tips of the hair, the wizard creates several layers. Near the face of the hair can be more graded. When stacking, you can curl around the face, or create noticeable waves along the entire length of hair - this way will give the head maximum volume.

Shaggy bean with torn tips

There is one more implementation, it needs an average length. The wizard creates pronounced layers with torn edges. When drying with a hair dryer and brashing, only the ends of the braids are twisted.

Stacking the sheep's bean bob

When stacking, remember the main thing: no logic! If you are the owner of curly hair, apply a few strands of wax, stretching them. If your hair is perfectly straight, then vice versa, curl them (slightly and not all strands). And that the effect of the wave lasts longer, use mousse, and in some places - hairpins, invisible or elegant.

Is it possible to notice this coiffure on the heads of celebrities? Yes! In Russia, this image successfully suited the singer Valeria, abroad - Fergie, Sharon Stone, Sienna Miller.

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