Haircuts 80-ies: popular models

manner 80-xx - this is an amazing period when designers absolutely no longer afraid of experiments. They showed the maximum creative approach and creativity, creating dozens of bright, "tasty" and fresh images, which have enjoyed success so far. New trends in music, painting and cinema immediately moved on the podium, manifested in the style of clothing and, of course, coiffures. They have become more informal, unisexual, i.e. individual elements were applied with constant success in both men's and women's manner.

Haircuts of 80s: manner for retro

Cutting the square in the style of the 80's is a perfectly even bang. The ends of hair and side strands usually curled outward, which, incidentally, is relevant for today's manner, or inward.


Typical female haircuts still resembled in some way the style of the 70's - it was a page made for a short rounded wavy "cap" .

"Under the boy"

No less popular were short haircuts "for the boy," however, they were already performed using volumetric forms.

Haircuts of the 80's: focus on volume


Haircuts of the 80s, like clothes, are characterized, first of all, by volume. It was during these years that the "Mallet" haircut became popular among women, when the top of the head was cut short and curled, and the rest of the hair was grown to shoulder length and below.


By the way, it was then that the "punk" subculture, reached its peak, came up with the famous coiffure of the end of the twentieth century - the Iroquois. However, it should be noted that these fundamental signs, according to which it is customary to define the manner of the 80s, appeared already at the end of the decade, and 1980 was still far from such innovations.

Volume at the top of the head

So, right at the beginning of the haircuts of the 80s, they were short-cut and necessarily voluminously laid hair on the crown, smoothly elongated downwards.

Cascading haircuts of the 80s

A little later, there appears a symbolic haircut of the disco style - a cascade, which the hairdressers embodied on medium length hair. The top and top of the head were cut, leaving ears and whiskey open, and gradually the length of the hair was increased with the help of "ladder". "Cascade" was ragged and straight, but the hair was allowed to curl a little.

Nachesy and perms

For example, if a woman's nature was endowed with thick hair, she could easily make her usual hair and strengthen her hair with a varnish-it was a stylish and elegant evening dress, but if the hair did not reach the optimal density, then a woman would do an easy chemical wave on the cascade.


Especially popular was the haircut "Wolf", made on the basis of a cascade. It was the most cultic coiffure worn by all women (among other things, young men). The name she gave a similarity to the wolf's scruff, and she looked really predatory, aggressive and, frankly, extremely sexy, and the feature of "Wolf" was sticking out separate "torn" strands, located along the length of the hair. Depending on the features of the face oval, the hairdo could be supplemented by elongated temples and an asymmetrical oblique or straight bang.


In the 80's, and was invented and the "Aurora", which has not lost its relevance in our days. The basis of the haircut was the same cascade, with characteristic short hair on the front of the head, and gradually lengthening strands (the farther locks were located from the short braces, so they grew longer).


Multilayer volumetric haircut, a feature is the raised neck, from which the strands go for elongation.

Short haircuts of the 80s

And, finally, the list of the most mannerable haircuts of the 80's can not be called complete, if you do not remember the "high hedgehog", a haircut that has become a modest predecessor of the Iroquois. Special features of the haircut are short-cropped hair on the back of the neck and temples, combed up, combined with a small scuffed lock in the form of a fence, located in the forehead. "Hedgehog" carefully "poured" with varnish, so, like all the coiffures of this period. This haircut was chosen, as a rule, by progressive youth, but by 1987-1989. all the delights of this haircut are appreciated and older women.

In principle, such haircuts preferred to be worn in the 80s of the last century. On the one hand, many still felt a touch of conservatism and the echoes of the past decades (for example, the curling of the strands framing the face outward, the bangs in the form of a light wave, formed by a curl, the loose hair with an even line of the edge, separated by a smooth, typical a la hippie) . But the spirit of freedom has already begun to embrace women and they began to allow themselves to deviate from the canons, focusing on famous actors and singers who became manner standards, but progressive youth began to make the most of extravagant and non-standard variations of basic haircuts.

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