A bunch of hair

Long hair allows you to model a huge number of original manner images. However, to create a beautiful coiffure requires some skills and a sufficient amount of time. One of the fastest and most comfortable coiffures in a hurry is a bundle of hair.

A bunch of hair is a classic of manner that has survived to our times since antiquity. A few decades ago, women carefully pulled their hair into tight, tidy bumps, built tall towers at the back of their heads. A modern mannerable bunch is carelessly twisted hair, with coquettishly sticking locks in the area of ​​the temples or neck.

coiffure based on the beam allows you to create a variety of mannerable images. The most important thing is to learn how to style your hair, taking into account the characteristics of your appearance, to emphasize advantages and hide flaws.

A high beam in the neck will help visually lengthen the neck, increase growth, pull out a round face . A high beam is not recommended to tighten, it is better to slightly brush the volume at the roots and release a few locks to smooth the line of hair growth on the neck.

Volume beams from long hair are not recommended to be worn by fragile, low women, such an absurd array on the head will look disharmonious. As an option - divide the volume of hair into two tufts on the sides.

How to make a beautiful beam?

1. Collect the hair in the tail and fasten with an elastic band. The height of the hair is determined to your taste. To add a mannerable negligence to your hair, brush your hair at the roots and smooth out the top of the comb, and do not tighten the rubber band in the tail to the end.

2. Twist the hair in a tourniquet and simultaneously wrap around the rubber bands, put the tips inward.

3. The resulting result is imperceptibly sealed with studs, if desired, decorate with a beautiful crab-pinch, ribbon, etc.

Tip: to make the hair look feminine and volume, before winding the hair in a bundle, wind them with a curling flat on the sides to get soft waves.

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