coiffures with harnesses

Hair harnesses are a manner trend of recent seasons. The popularity of such a coiffure is explained, first of all, by its universality. The plaits can be weaved on any type of hair: long or short, as well as straight or curly.

coiffure with harnesses is easy to carry out and almost every girl can do, including those who do not have the proper experience in the field of hairdressing. With the help of harnesses, you can gently remove hair from your face, solve the problem of a bang, or simply make your habitual image more original.

coiffures with bundles are the most diverse. For example, voluminous bundles will make your hair look airy and a little careless. To master this technique of weaving, you first need to equip a comb with a thin tip, hairpins and any hairspray.

First, separate a small string of hair from the temple and twist it into a tourniquet, which is laid over the hair and well fixed with the help of invisible. The same tourniquet is twisted from the other temple and stacked on top of the first, again fixing with invisibility, so that they are invisible.

Harnessing on long hair is an excellent option for an evening out. This coiffure will look gentle, feminine and elegant. To surprise guests at a festive evening, you need to do a number of simple manipulations with your hair:

1. Make an even part in the middle of the head. Then select a small hair line near the parting and twist it in a tourniquet counter-clockwise. Further the same is done with the next strand, after which both strands are connected together. And so we repeat operations one by one until we twist all the hair on the right side. The last remaining strand is twisted in the opposite direction, that is, clockwise.

2. Do the same with the hair on the other side.

3. The final stage is tightly twisting all the hair, carefully laying them, hiding the tips and securing with the help of invisible or hairpins. coiffure is ready.

Evening coiffures with harnesses

Another option for the evening is a coiffure with small bundles. Such plaits weave to the middle of the head. Therefore, to begin with, the head is divided radially from one ear to the other. Hair on the occipital part is punctured so that they do not interfere with the work. Next, make a direct parting and select, therefore, a strand of hair. The rest of the hair is stitched with hairpins.

The strand of hair that was selected, combed back, and starting from the edge of hair growth, we twist them into a tourniquet. Then, in the same way, select the next strand and twist it into a tourniquet. The remaining hair is wound on curlers or braided in a braid.

Very popular today is the coiffure with harnesses and ribbon. For this, the hair must be divided into two parts by a straight parting. Then in the field of the temple we separate two small strands, which we begin to twist into a bundle. Gradually moving to the side of the neck we add to the tight tourniquet more and more hair strands, after which with the help of invisible we fix them securely. The remaining ends of the hair are divided into two parts and we twist them like a rope. The resulting free tourniquet is laid on the head and fixed with hairpins. We perform similar operations on the other side. Finally, the finished hair is decorated with a ribbon, fixing it with hairpins on the head, and sprinkle everything with hairspray.

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