coiffure "Crown"

Especially popular among women of manner wear a crown. It is perfect for creating an original romantic image that will be appropriate for a date or a trip to the theater. In addition, the crown is an excellent addition to any everyday image. Moreover, it is not so difficult to make such a haircut. The process itself takes only 10 minutes.

How to make a haircut "Crown"

So, to perform a similar coiffure you will need a usual comb with a sharp end, two elastic bands, invisible, varnish and water. First, we select a part of the hair from behind on the vertex and fix it with an elastic band. Next, take a small strand of hair near the ear and divide it into three parts, from which the Dutch spit is trudging, adding gradually the strands from one and the other side of the main body of hair. Thus, we weave at first in front, and then back around in a circle to the very end, free braid braid and hide under the hair.

In the end, fix all the invisible and sprinkle the hair with varnish.

Features of braiding the Dutch braids:

- At the very beginning of the weaving, we separate the strand of hair, which we divide into 3 parts. First right, and then left shift to middle.

- On the right side, take a small part of the hair, which is added to the right strand, and again shift it under the middle.

- On the left side of the plait in the same way.

In the crown hair, hair is added to the braid from the main mass solely on one side.

- The Dutch braid is braided in front until they reach the opposite ear.

Similarly, braid the hair and the back. You can do it yourself or ask for help from a loved one. After all the hair is woven into an ordinary three-string braid.

The end is laid on top of a braided circular braid, carefully hiding the tail and fixing it with studs. The crown is ready!

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