coiffure "Hat" of hair

Tiny hats made of hair are obtained interesting, unusual, and, of course, a provocative youth example of a coiffure for a holiday. So the coiffure of a hair hat deserves the attention of all the girls who love to look feminine and boring.

Looks coiffure "Hat" is so naturalistic that sometimes you need to look closely to understand that the young lady's head is adorned not by a purchased accessory, but by a pretty fancy of hair. Such a mannerable coiffure creates a mood, decorates the girl and gives her an image of novelty. It is also interesting that you can create such a hat in many ways.

The simplest, basic type of "weaving"

On the vertex, give away a few strands and tie them into a ponytail. On the spot where you are going to "plant" the hat, from the resulting tail, build a bun. Do not do this carelessly, since you create the top of the future hat. If you want, you can decorate this top with a thin pigtail. Further - it is simpler: lay the hair in the form of fields around the shingle.

Well pour them with varnish, then prikolite to the fields of a flower or tie a hat with a ribbon - the hair is ready.

How to make a neat hat field?

Weave the loose ends of the braids into a pigtail. Important: the distance between the edges of the margins and the base of the already existing roller should be the same. To prevent the fields from getting too small and unobtrusive, pull the pigtail freely, without tightening the strands.

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