Damaged hair

Damaged hair: how to fix the problem?

The presence of damaged hair is one of the main drawbacks that prevent women from feeling comfortable in their daily lives. If you notice that your hair is difficult to comb and put in your hair, they stick out in all directions, are severely cut , look dull and lifeless, you will need our next advice.

Damage to the hair occurs due to a violation of the structure of hair follicles and the difficulty of access to them of nutrients. As a result, hair is deprived of its natural shine , becomes dry and weak.

There are external and internal causes that cause damage to the hair.

External refers to: a) frequent staining, chemical perm and clarification; b) mechanical damage, obtained with a thorough combing of hair with a brush, or wiping with a towel; c) daily washing of the head , especially when using hard and contaminated with harmful impurities water; d) frequent use of hair dryers and other means for drying and styling hair; e) use of shampoos , balms and other hair care products incompatible with your type of hair; e) constant photo to direct sunlight.

The internal causes of hair damage is a lack of vitamins in the body, due to inadequate or unbalanced nutrition, as well as frequent stress and sleep disorders.

How to prevent hair damage?

There are a number of ways and recommendations how to avoid the problem of the appearance of damaged hair:

- wash your head no more often than 1 time in 3-4 days, using not hot but warm water, in order to avoid flushing off the protective layer of the natural oil from the scalp, preventing hair damage;

- Avoid sudden pressure when wiping hair and combing it , using soft terry towels and a comb with wide-set teeth;

- Dry hair as naturally as possible, without using a hair dryer, tongs, ironing and other appliances;

- in the summer in hot sunny weather, use a headdress protecting the hair from direct sunlight;

- When you visit the pool, wear a tight hat on your head, and after bathing in salty sea water, thoroughly wash the hair under the shower;

- diversify your diet with foods rich in proteins and proteins, minimize the consumption of spicy, fatty foods, smoked foods and a large number of sweets and drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day;

- Do not paint hair with paints containing ammonia, or choose those that contain it less;

- at least once a month, cut the tips of your hair so that they do not saber.

Damaged hair: how to fix a flaw?

There is an opinion that damaged hair can be cured solely with scissors. However, do not go to extremes, try to apply the following tips.

Protect your hair from the effects of hot styling, avoid chemical dyes and stiff means for styling, abandon tight hair, nails, thin braids, hair curlers, use a soft comb.

For washing hair, choose a special gentle shampoo with the mark "for damaged hair." Every time you wash your hair, use products that smooth out the scales of the stratum corneum - medical balms, nourishing oils and serums, conditioners containing panthenol and glycerin, or home masks .

To give shine to damaged hair will help indelible lotions, fluids and creams, which are daily applied to dry clean hair and protect them from overdrying and aggressive environmental influences.

Home masks for damaged hair

Oily wraps are the most effective means for restoring and nourishing damaged hair. For this purpose, almond, burdock, castor, peach, olive and other nutritious oil is suitable. Lightly heat up the necessary amount of oil and rub into hair and roots. It is recommended to wrap the head for a couple of hours with a film and wrap it with a towel. Then you can wash your head with a gentle shampoo. Hair immediately will look more healthy, easy to settle into the hair. With the regular application of hair oils, you will find a thick fluffy head of hair.

Gelatin mask for damaged hair . Dissolve 1 tbsp gelatin in 100 ml. boiling water. Add in a mixture of 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tsp. honey and a few drops of vinegar. Apply the mask to the scalp and spread over the hair with the help of a comb. Heat your head for half an hour, then wash your hair with warm water. The mask will make the hair soft, obedient, shiny and bulky.

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