Polish hair: mirror shine in 5 minutes

Many girls, looking at their hair, understand that they do not look well-groomed. And sometimes I want my hair to be perfect, even when there was not much effort.

One of the main reasons why the hair looks unattractive is the split ends. When balms and shampoos do not give any result, and all hair masks have already been tried, and despair really comes, it is worth trying a procedure that has recently become popular - polishing hair.

Polishing hair: a wonderful transformation

Polishing hair - the procedure for removing split ends by cutting them. It is produced using a machine with a special nozzle. First, straighten hair with iron, then break into strands and after that already conduct polishing of hair. In this case, this procedure can be carried out both in the salons and at home. You just need to buy a machine and a nozzle, and everything - home polishing hair can be carried out. The effect of this procedure can last from 1.5 to 6 months, it all depends on the care of the curls after it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Hair Polishing: Benefits

1) this is a fairly inexpensive procedure, if we compare, for example, with keratin rectification or restoration;

2) is removed to 100% of the split ends, which can not but rejoice;

3) the procedure can be carried out in the cabin and at home, which is undoubtedly convenient, since home polishing is also free;

4) the length of hair is almost not lost - only a few millimeters are removed, in contrast to cutting with hot scissors;

5) split ends are removed along the entire length, and not just below, which can not be achieved by any other procedure.

Hair Polishing: disadvantages

1) this method is not suitable for thin hair, as it removes the volume, so these hair will look after the procedure as if there is no luxuriance at all.

2) with strong hair loss, this procedure is also not recommended;

3) to save the result for a long time, you need to take care of hair very carefully, acquire various masks, balms, lotions.

How much does it cost to sand hair in salons?

Of course, the price in all stores is different. It depends on the level of the salon, the city in which you do this procedure, on the level of skill of specialists. Usually the cost of polishing hair varies from 500 to 3500 rubles. This is largely different from the price of other procedures for hair. Not that big, it's money to make your hair look healthy and stay that long.

It is worth doing this procedure or not, everyone decides for himself. Many girls have already tried to polish their hair and were very pleased. And this is not surprising, because after such a magnificent procedure the hair looks strong, healthy, alive, they are soft to the touch and shine. Despite the fact that this method of hair restoration has its drawbacks, they are insignificant, and the advantages are much greater. Nevertheless, the polishing of hair deserves that every owner of fine curls undergoes such procedure.

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