Peeling head and hair. Home recipes

In the store on the same shelf with shower gels, you can find gel-peeling, saturated with solid particles. It "rasshelushivaet" skin, updating it and maximally cleaning.

Do you know that there is also a scalp peeling? And it is very necessary: ​​just think how many remnants of stowage, dust, particles of dandruff, grease and other remains under the hair, preventing the skin from breathing. Remove all this, and hair will begin to grow faster, pleasing you with brightness and rich color.

Procedures for thorough cleansing of the scalp regulate the production of sebum, so that the hair between washing becomes fresh, and also helps to reduce the manifestations of dandruff. The scalp is renewed, blood circulates near the hair bulb, so that every hair shines to the very tip. Finally, after peeling, any hair masks become more effective twice.

Home peeling head and hair: we prepare ourselves

Cleansing mask-shampoo: a little olive oil, green tea, lemon juice. After you wash the hair with this product, soothe them with a mask or conditioner (with a smoothing, moisturizing formula).

Peeling hair with shampoo. Add a single dose of shampoo (soft) aspirin tablet or 1 teaspoon of soda. The next time you wash your head, use the shampoo in its pure form.

Peeling head and egg for greasy, prone to the appearance of dandruff hair. Pound 1 yolk, add 2 drops of essential oil (lavender, chamomile or ylang-ylang), squeeze out juice from 0.5 lemon. Apply on roots for 10 minutes, then wash hair. Important! To protect yourself from unexpected allergies, before the 1st use, make a test: rub some of the composition into the wrist's skin, assess the skin condition 15 minutes later. No redness, runaway, blisters? This tool will suit you!

Mask for cleansing the hair with salt. Mix 3 tablespoons of warm water, 3 tablespoons of salt (preferably sea, if it is not - then just a dining room, but not large), 3 drops of ether (the oils from the recipe above are the best). Apply peeling to the roots of the hair, trying not to rub the skin, so as not to scratch it.

Peeling hair with salt. Mix the dessert spoon of salt (shallow, preferably marine) and 3 large spoons of conditioner for hair. Ether can also be added. Unlike the previous recipe, this acts on the skin and the hair is softer, so that it suits the owner of irritable, sensitive skin.

Fruit peeling for very greasy hair. Mix apple and orange juice (proportion one to one). If you often "lose" your hair, you need to take the juices warm. Apply them to wet hair, as well as the skin below them. 5 minutes massage the head with your hands, leave the hair alone for 5 minutes. Rinse without shampoo.

Peeling heads with coffee for owners of dark hair (brunettes, brown-haired, fair-haired). Add the ground coffee to the shampoo (if you take a spoonful of shampoo, add as much coffee). Apply on the skin under the hair, gently massage it, wash the peeling. Soothe the hair with herbal rinsing. If your hair grows slowly, brew nettle; if your hair is fat, choose chamomile, sage, calendula or yarrow.

Sugar peeling for girls with dry hair. Vegetable oil (usual kitchen - sunflower, corn or olive) mix with sugar in a proportion 1: 1. Add here cosmetic oil (burdock, mint, almond, coconut, pink) in the same proportion. Gently warm it (using a water bath). Strike peeling in the skin, but very delicately. Hold for 10 minutes, wash under the tap with a gentle shampoo.

Mask for cleansing hair with clay. Mix salt (better sea) and blue clay, add a decoction of herbs (warm water). Apply to the scalp. If the hair is over-dried, enrich the peeling with kefir, but fatter.

Cosmetic means for peeling hair

Do you regularly do cleansing hair masks for no time, or just uncomfortable? Buy ready-made remedy, good, many well-known brands develop effective and affordable scrubs for scalp.

Cosmetics for hair peeling: safety measures

Since such bottles contain active "chemistry", it is not worth using these scrubs every day. Producers suggest not to overdo it: one application in 7 days will be just enough. However, if your hair is dry, "killed" with paint or sun, extend the interval between applications to 10 days.

The first time dilute the product with water, this will make the acquaintance with the scrub less "painful" for the skin.

Peeling head of the house: useful tips

Do not clean the hair immediately after staining or perm.

By the way, even if the peeling is home, you do not need to get carried away unnecessarily. "Tired" the scalp with too frequent cleansing, you will achieve the wrong effect that you wanted: the hair will become greasy faster, the skin will become sensitive and even painful.

Alternate the recipes of peelings, select the formulations for your hair type - and enjoy the natural real beauty of your thick and shiny "mane"!

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