Hair color for the "Spring" color type: palette

Spring awakens the earth with its real beauty. The same can be said about the spring color of appearance : it is fresh, warm and awakens from sadness. For such a girl and hair dye you need a boring: warm, with a rustle or gold. Say, copper, honey, nut or caramel.

Hair color for spring color

Your hair should reflect the game of sunlight, repeat the natural shades of waking nature. We have selected for you the optimal palette of colors, with which you can find your ideal hair color.

Strawberry blond

Strawberry blond, full of pink "threads" - an excellent neutral, but at the same time a warm version. Young people and celebrities consider it very relevant this year.

Honey blond

Honey blond is a good hair color for spring coloring if you have brown, amber or blue eyes; the color of the skin is not important at the same time. But we must remember: after staining, the correct shade is not always preserved. Therefore, such a blond can be advised primarily to blonde girls.

Golden Caramel

Caramel blond - the native "brother" of yellow and brown color. This warm color goes to women of any age, adding to their mistress of youth. And how beautifully such hair is combined with a swarthy skin!

Golden Blond

Golden blond is fresh, bright and very noticeable. It is very similar to the amber and honey blond - both these colors also shine on the hair, like pure gold.

Light copper

epilation Light copper is a good choice for both the blonde and the brown-haired (the harmony is brought to the image of the latter). Bene note: this color on the hair puts the main emphasis of people's attention on your face. Do you want to hide your wrinkles or, say, an imperfect nose? Then it's not your color.

Copper-light brown

Copper-brown - chameleon-color. It is both cold and warm, so it looks noticeable, but at the same time aristocratic-restrained. Ideal solution for ladies with light skin and eyes. And add here a bunch of red "arrows" - and get a bronze color ...


Apricot with pink notes is tender and romantic. Color will suit a girl with light blond hair ... if, of course, her skin is pale and without defects.


Peach-red is just created to create a pair with blue eyes. A good solution for a natural blonde.


beauticians Golden-brown - all the shades immediately. Here and amber, and a nut, and caramel, and bronze, and a continuous shine ... A bright, rich shade which will approach absolutely all. Light hair will make it more noticeable, and the dark will make it flicker.

Light chestnut

The chestnut-brown is yet another elegant solution for everyone. But, like the color of light copper, he flashes his face like a magnifying glass. Do you have the perfect skin and the right features? This color is for you!

Light brown caramel

Rusa caramel - the choice of girls, fair-haired by nature. This is not even a color, but a semitone, which adds to the hair warm overflows. If your daughter wants to paint, advise her to start with this option.

Golden brown

Golden varieties of brown (amber, caramel) - this is a halo, which will shine your hair in any mood and weather. Best of all, these colors will suit a brunette or brown-haired woman.

To the note: the hair color is recommended to be selected in accordance with the natural. For example, blondes will suit the colors of golden blond, sand, amber. Girls with darker, light brown hair will approach more contrasting shades - golden walnut, light chestnut.

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