Hair rinsers for hair

Rinsers for hair - this is an indispensable thing in the economy of a woman who wants to have beautiful, well-groomed hair. There are many different rinses that you need to choose depending on the type of hair and their needs.

Some rinsers take care of their hair, make them soft and shiny, others carefully clean the hair of the remnants of chemical elements contained in intensive shampoos of industrial production.

Types of hair rinses

The so-called acidic rinse aid is recommended for cleaning the surface of hair from soap deposits, with their help the natural pH of the hair is restored. After their application, the hair acquires its natural real beauty, becomes obedient and silky.

The next type of conditioner is conditioner . Conditioners have a creamy texture, they are used for the alignment and nutrition of hair, after their application the hair becomes shiny, less split and well combed after washing. They are undesirable to apply very often, as they make your hair heavier and make it fat .

There are also rinsers that are used for colored hair and have a balanced pH level. These rinses give the hair a healthy shine and elasticity, which is achieved due to the fact that they contain not only moisturizing and caring components, but also an acid that helps to fix the hair color.

With the help of special medical rinsers you can fight with such unpleasantness as dandruff . They must be used for a certain time, until the desired effect is achieved.

Indelible rinse aid will perfectly help weakened hair, they do not need to be washed off and they are suitable for daily use.

Rinse aid should be applied only to clean, washed hair, slightly dried towel. On the scalp, it is not necessary to apply the conditioner, since it is intended for the care of only the hair. Also you can not keep the conditioner for a long time on your hair: about 3-4 minutes, not more.

Home hair rinse aid: recipes

There are many recipes for natural hair rinses that you can prepare yourself at home. Most often these are broths and infusions of various plants, for example, mugs or nettles . Roots and leaves of burdock stimulate hair growth , and nettle helps prevent dandruff.

How to prepare infusions: four tablespoons of burdock leaves or nettles (instead of burdock leaves you can use dried dried roots) pour boiling water and insist 1,5-2 hours, then strain, and strained infusion use for rinsing.

The simplest recipe for a rinse aid for shine hair, which is suitable for all types: in 1 liter of boiled water add juice of half a lemon or two tablespoons of vinegar .

All of these hair care products will help you transform your hair, make you irresistible and happy.

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