Trendy red hair tints

Someone associates red with fire, someone - with fox fur, and someone - with scarlet sails. In any case, it turns out the truth: shades of red hair are very rich. In addition, for each hair, this paint falls individually, creating a unique picture.

Bright palette of red tones

Should you choose it? Yes, if you are the owner of porcelain skin and green or blue eyes. Gold sparks in fire strands will make you a flirt, bringing in the image a little bit of enthusiasm and hooliganism.

The most unique can be called a copper-red. Best of all, it lies on the blond locks. Are you green-eyed with aristocratic pallor? Do not miss this tone of mind!


Apricot with a pink tint is a symphony of tenderness ... Of course, if your skin is flawless and unnecessary tan. The tone falls perfectly on natural light blond hair.

Peach redhead will go perfectly to the blue eyes. This tone will uniquely complement your blond hair, making you an order of magnitude more noticeable.

Ashy-red hair color

Ash-red - a very rare, restrained color, which will give a touch of aristocracy. This mixture of cold shade with warm can suit girls with any type of appearance.

Russo-red hair color

Copper-brown is one of the most complex colors. It blends a light and a cold, which makes it bright, but at the same time noble. He is often confused with the bronze, but he is more restrained due to the almost complete absence of red "sparks". To whom will he go? Light-skinned women with bright eyes.

Golden-red tint of hair

Golden-red on the contrary - warm. If you have no less warm eyes (say, a shade of amber or honey), with the help of such a paint you can create an inexpressibly cozy image. Gold in your hair will talk about your femininity and tenderness, which is just perfect for a young romantic girl. Lies such a paint on all blond hair - so if you are not blonde, and owner of brown hair, it will suit you too.

A fiery reddish hue of hair

Fiery, it's orange-red - one of the most popular colors of this palette. It will go well for women of autumn and spring color.

Dark palette of red hues

These colors are suitable not only for girls with fair skin, but for dark-skinned women. Owners of green, blue or amber eyes are beyond competition.


Chestnut shade of red is your option if you want to change the color of your dark hair. It will give the hair a little shine - and how your eyes will shine on the background of the hair!

Red-red tint of hair

A red-red, dark shade is an excellent solution for a tanned woman with blue or brown eyes. Fiery "strings" in the hair will make you noticeable, and add one hundred points of your elegance.

It is very difficult and rich to look a shade of "mahogany": it plays a brown, red and even purple halftone. And how nice with such brown swarthy eyes!

Copper-red hair color

Copper-red from the dark palette is rich not only in orange, but also in brown tones. It is bright, so it's worth choosing such a paint for girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. And if you have golden skin and green eyes, with such hair you will become a real queen.

Brownish-red tint of hair

The brownish-red hair color on the contrary is not bright, so it is often chosen by women in their ages. Best of all, it lies on the olive skin.

Chocolate-red hair color

Finally, chocolate-red hair color is a way to make your dark hair richer. With the help of such a paint, they will find expensive overflows, and the skin against the background of the head of hear will shine.

Meliness for red hair

With the help of melirovaniya red hair get an incredible color game. Bright sunlit glare makes the coiffure glow even in the dim light, charging your hostess with extra energy.

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