Red hair color

Red-haired beauties always attract attention and cause slight awe in the heart of representatives of the male half of humanity. The bright golden shining curls combined with some mysteriousness give the image even more charm and uniqueness.

As a rule, women with red hair color - strong personality with pronounced leadership qualities and at the same time the most feminine and sensual natures. This hair color is always at the peak of manner and has never lost its relevance. Therefore, many prelestnitsy tend to change the natural color of their curls to any shade of red. However, in this case, to look stylish and compelling, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the natural color appearance of the exterior .

Shades of red hair

Red color is the richest in shades. Try it on yourself can both a blonde and a brunette, the main thing is to choose the right shade from the palette that adorns you.

The decisive role in the selection of the style is played by the absence of sharp contrasts between the color of the coiffure, make-up and clothing, as a bright range of colors can cause a sense of disharmony. It should also be remembered that in women over 40 years of age, the bright red hair color looks too bright and unnatural, which can have the opposite effect instead of rejuvenating the image. Therefore, the selection of shades of color when dyeing hair without the help of an experienced make-up artist can not do.

Who fits the red hair color

Traditionally, it is believed that the most optimal red color for women with a slightly pale skin color and a delicate pink blush. In combination with the calm features of the face, they perfectly match the light ringlets of natural natural shades. Next, follow the rule that the darker the skin color and more expressive facial features, the darker tones of the red color need to dye the hair.

An important factor is the color of the eyes. A perfect combination - light red hair and green eyes. However, the darker the color of the eyes, the darker the hue of red hair should be selected.

A great way to refresh your hair and give the volume will be melirovanie on red hair . The shades for highlighting can be chosen as white and color.

The color of the make- up is selected based on the new hair color. Aim for a pencil for eyebrows, shadows and lipstick ideally suited to your altered appearance.

Persistence and brightness of the red hair color can be regularly maintained by using special masks and shading shampoos .

In general, feel free to experiment, but do not go to extremes, and you will succeed!

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