Soda for hair. Lightening hair soda

As you know, baking soda can be cooked even for small children - which, in particular, our mums did once. This substance is considered non-toxic, and therefore not harmful. However, if you decide to use soda in home beauticians, it is worth remembering: it can damage dry hair, so if you complain about brittle or overdried hair, it's better to forget about soda and stop the choice on oil masks - they will best "make friends" with your curls. If you have fatty hair, you should try to include soda in their "diet".

How to wash hair with soda?

There are a lot of ways. The easiest way is to add a little of this kitchen remedy to your shampoo. Calculation: 0.5 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate for 3 tablespoons of water - for your daily "portion" of shampoo. This "bathhouse" will remove all dirt and grease from the hair, no matter what the heat in the street and your skin is so greasy.

But in principle, soda for hair is used and in its pure form. Getting on the head, in the "company" to the skin fat, it forms a salt of fatty acids, which has excellent soap properties - and at the same time, glycerine is formed in the hair, which softens and moisturizes the scalp. So washing the hair with soda is almost the same as applying glycerin soap.

So, shampoo from soda without additives! Take a glass of warm water, dilute in it 1 teaspoon of soda drinking, and then rinse the curls in this water. To the touch, they immediately become a little "soapy". And after washing, every hair will breathe cleanliness and freshness.

Lightening hair soda

Can I lighten my hair with soda? Yes, but only by mixing soda with other active ingredients (lemon, honey and the like). In general, the procedure for such clarification is simple: wash the head with soda, as described above, and then apply another active ingredient.

The first way: generously grease every curl with warm honey, "pack" the head with a packet and a towel for a long line (up to 8 hours), and then wash off this "mask" with warm water.

The second, faster way: rinse your head with water and lemon juice.

This means will help you, if suddenly you will not be lucky to get to a hairdresser who does not translate into a green-haired elf instead of a transparent blonde. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of sodium hydrogencarbonate in a glass of water, apply this mixture to your hair for 15-20 minutes, without wrapping your hair with a towel or a cap. In the end, rinse every curl under the tap.

Soda as a means for removing hair dye from hair

This remedy easily removes grease and dirt from any kitchen surface - what to him any paint? The main thing is to know what to mix it with and how to apply it!

To four tablespoons of soda, add juice from half a lemon, as well as a little water to make a gruel. Apply this mask on all hair, from the roots (lightly rubbing) to the tips. Wrap your head with a shower cap and a turban for 15 minutes, then massage your hair with your hands. Wash off the mask with warm water - that's all! But the best thing to do is not in the basin, but near the tap, and stand next to him for about ten minutes, or even more, and at the end to fix the result, soaping his head with shampoo.

If the paint has been applied for a long time, it can go off quickly - but if you were painted just yesterday, the first time the unwanted paint can not be "pulled off" from the hair, and the procedure will need to be repeated.

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