mannerable hair styling - 2017 - 2020

The coming manner season made a bet on naturalness, so the most mannerable highlight of 2017 - 2020 - is the natural effect of sunburned hair. This can be achieved with the help of modern staining techniques - Balayage, bronzing, Californian melioration. Shades for highlighting choose warm - honey, caramel, sand.

Balayazh in golden tones

The technique of baling is especially popular today on the red carpet. Stars choose golden shades for highlighting, which favorably emphasize the chestnut color of hair.

Melioration balajazh is based on the clarification of the upper strands with the help of a brush. This method refreshes the complexion and makes it younger. The technique is not simple, so you can only entrust it to an experienced master.

mannerable Highlights - 2020: Babylights

Babylights - a mannerable technique in dyeing hair - has been in demand for mannerers for several years. Thin, barely noticeable clarified strands frame the face and create a natural effect of sunburned strands.

The light on the contour of the face refreshes and rejuvenates the image, distracting attention from the shortcomings on the skin.

mannerable highlights - 2020: thin strands

Thin, clearly marked strands - another manner trend of the coming season. With this melioration, a sophisticated, elegant image is created, which is ideal for a business lady.

3D highlights

The volume and versatility of the coiffure is achieved due to very frequent melioration with thin strands. Especially spectacular is such a technique when highlighting dark hair.

Glowing tips of hair

Lightening of the tips of the hair is another trend of 2020. This kind of melioration looks bright and original.

Dark curls backlit from the inside

Owners of saturated dark hues of hair can experience a new mannerable device - "turn on the backlight" curls. Very thin strands are painted in golden sunny shades, which creates additional volume and radiance

Highlighting Shatush

Shatush is one of the most popular methods of dyeing today, as it allows you to create a stylish image saturated with various shades on the head, without causing any particular harm to the curls.

Natural images: the effect of burnt hair

Partial highlighting has a number of technological features of coloring and a large number of options. Among the celebrities of Hollywood, the most common is the method of melting thin and frequent strands without subsequent tinting, which in turn makes it possible to obtain a natural color effect with a sunburn tinted . In the season of this year, you can choose any color, both dark and very light tone will be relevant.

Melting and Bronzing in the Californian style

Of particular relevance is the California method of melioration , the technology of which implies the clarification of vertical thin strands in different color shades with the preservation of dark roots.

White colors are diluted with shades of honey, beige and cognac - coffee color, which allows you to achieve a chic luster of strands.

It is very important that after the hair grows roots do not require special attention and frequent tinting.

Advantages of frequent shallow highlights:

- in the case of such a dyeing technology, only a part of the hair of the order of 40-60% is subject to clarification , and the rest is not affected by the paint, except for the subsequent staining or toning of the hair ;

- for people who have allergic diseases or problems with the scalp, this procedure is safe, since it is completely protected from the effects of lighting elements.

mannerable partial strands in 2020

This type of partial melirovaniya, in contrast to the previous, is most suitable for dark hair of different lengths or in a contrast ratio of darker and lighter colors.

It is most suitable for those who want to give more hair to hair, which is achieved through the use of contrast or pastel melioration using different colors to give a soft overflow of hues, often one or two - three similar colors and strands of different widths.

Combination of melioration and toning - manner of 2020

When lightening and creating a pronounced blond, toning is most often used, which in turn is applied after the procedure itself. It allows you to evenly distribute the color on strands exposed to lightening, helps to create a smooth transition from clarified hair to hair that has not been dyed, and depending on the desired result, or make the clarified strands as light as possible or create another original and mannerable shade.

mannerable highlights - 2017 - 2020: effective contrasting strands

Bright contrasting strands are at the peak of popularity this season. Use dyes that can be washed off easily and you can easily change your image by picking up the color of the paint to the dress.

Lightweight and accurate lighting with the help of French highlights

Light and light brown-haired women with confidence can use this gentle method, which will be no less popular in 2020. They can be grateful to the world-wide brand, which occupies a leading position in the cosmetic market of L'Oreal, who developed the paint, which, after application, is able to lighten the hair by four tones. Thus, before melioration, there should not be a preliminary clarification, but only one special paint is sufficient. This explains the name - "French highlighting . "

This paint has a number of nutritional properties and gives the hair more shine , unlike others, which can destroy the structure of the hair. This method makes it possible to combine yellowish - golden, milky - white and beige shades.

Thanks to this method, the hair will visually become incredibly voluminous, with a bright tint and extraordinary real beauty due to the use of a golden-beige color scheme. This method of melioration is best applied to light brown and light brown hair.

Broad strands - an interesting variant of mannerable highlights

The option of highlighting with wide strands is also interesting for a certain range of women of manner who want to have not the general effect of lightened hair, but pronounced strands with a lighter shade of four or even five tones.

This technology has a number of advantages, but each type of staining has its own characteristics, and the method of highlighting with wide strands is no exception. Here, too, not all hair is lightened, but only about 50 to 70%, but the effect of chemicals can partially affect the scalp in the event that the clarification is from the roots.

Along with the main color, dark brown or brown, wide bright strands appear. To achieve maximum contrast, the toning of the highlighted areas is used to highlight the base color as brightly as possible. In 2017 - 2020, beige-brown or cream-hazel color is generally used for wide ranging.

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