Chestnut color of hair

Chestnut color of hair is very common and popular with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. He gives the woman of femininity, charm and a bit of mystery, which makes her very attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

However, in order to always look beautiful, noble and elegant, chestnut hair needs constant care, which consists in the correct selection of shades, competent coloring, styling and coiffure.

Chestnut hair color is a trendy trend at all times. Its main advantage is the variety of possible shades, the maximum closeness to natural natural colors. The choice of them should be done only in accordance with the color-type of your appearance , otherwise you can mess up the image. Therefore, before dyeing the hair, it is advisable to consult a specialist visagiste beforehand. For example, warm colors of mahogany color are ideal for light skin, but if the skin is dark and swarthy, then honey and golden hues of chestnut color look amazing. An intermediate variant that softens contrasts is the use of shades of chocolate and hazelnut. All of the above combinations will perfectly shade the skin and hair color and give your appearance an extraordinary expressiveness.

Chestnut color of hair: mannerable shades

To play a new way in your locks and emphasize their real beauty and attractiveness will help correctly performed melirovanie and coloring . The choice of colors for highlighting is also determined by the type of appearance and varies from dark brown to beige and golden.

Choosing a coiffure for chestnut hair is also very diverse. Depending on their length, they can be straightened and tightened with a barrette or a hoop, braided into a tall tail or a bun at the back of the neck, combing a long bang or curling, giving an extra volume with the help of small and large curls.

And most importantly, always remember that to care for the hair painted in chestnut color, they need to be regularly cleaned and moistened with special cosmetics chosen according to the type of hair and home masks based on the recipes of traditional medicine. In this case, your curls will never lose their natural shine and charm.

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