Colorless Henna for Hair

Sometimes girls, having decided to dye their hair without looking, buy this remedy when they see the word "henna" on the package. But meanwhile, the colorless analogue of a dye, which is loved by many, has many useful properties - it strengthens the sticks, restores them ... just does not paint.

Colorless henna for hair is a natural product, which is extracted from Lavsonia. However, when making henna usual, use the leaves of this plant, and on the colorless henna go crushed and dried stems.

Colorless Henna for Hair: Beneficial Properties

Can not grow a braid? Tortured with dandruff, or itchy scalp? "Burned" hair on a sunny beach, after a perm or frequent use of ironing? Or are they "harmful" to you - brittle, with split ends, dull? Colorless henna for hair is not afraid of any of these problems!

If you do not get together in an expensive real beauty salon for lamination (you can not allocate a day, or the cost of the procedure seems too "toothy") - do not rush your head, but just buy a bag of this henna. It will not only smooth out every hair, but also cover your head with a protective film - at the same time thickening every hair. In addition, that your curls will glisten with real beauty, also their styling will become - easier than simple.

Elementary mask of colorless henna

Dissolve 100 g of henna with 300 milliliters of hot water (or alternatively - decoction of herbs) to make a homogeneous mush. To work with this mask was more convenient, you can pour a little olive oil into it. In addition, its composition will be superfluous enrich with a small amount of essential oils (for your hair type), cosmetic clay, chopped cereals or herbs, as well as liquid vitamins.

When the mask is ready, rub it into the scalp, and then apply the rest to all the hair. Put your head under the shower cap, and from above, wind a thick towel. Walk with this turban you need not for long - from half an hour to an hour. Wash off the mask without shampoo (henna successfully replaces it, and hair conditioner). But remember: to wash out this useful compound it is necessary as it is possible more carefully - the rests of a mask in hair will not make them more cleanly.

Colorless henna for hair: the best masks

"Glossy" mask with an egg from all, giving the locks a density and shine: 1 packet of henna, 2 yolks, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of low-fat cheese. Hold for about 40 minutes.

Mask from henna with oils against loss: 2 tablespoons of olive oil, as much colorless henna, 1 tablespoon of castor oil, a couple of droplets of essential oil to boil with boiling water. And even better - a decoction of chamomile, burdock or birch leaves.

Mask of henna and avocado for moisturizing: pour 100 g of henna with 300 grams of boiling water, let it brew for 15 minutes. After that, in a warm mask, add the flesh of one avocado and a spoon of castor oil. Keep it for a little more than an hour, and rinse with shampoo, as the composition is quite fat.

Kefir mask with henna 2 tablespoons of henna, pour 100 grams of warm kefir, then leave the mask for 15 minutes for infusion. This mixture is applied primarily to the roots, and then (if left) - on the hair to the tips. Keep it should not be more than 40 minutes.

Mask of clay and henna for oily hair . 100 g of henna, 300 g of water - soar, as we already know from previous "recipes". Now add here 2 tablespoons of blue clay and lemon juice, as well as 1 spoon of castor oil or burdock oil. Apply the mask for an hour, washed off with shampoo.

Important point: before applying each of these masks the hair needs to be washed - but it is not necessary to dry completely. Applying them to the hair, the head of hair should be wrapped first with a plastic bag (or, if there is, a shower cap), and warm the bath towel from above.

Henna instead of shampoo

Take 1.5 tablespoons of henna and 1 incomplete spoon of nettle, 2 teaspoons mustard powder. Fill the whole thing with boiling water, let the mask cool down a bit (not to get burned) and apply it to your hair, and massage your hair with the hair at the roots. This mask-shampoo is quickly washed off - in 7 minutes, and not simple water, and with a spoon of vinegar.

Important precautions

Henna is a very useful remedy, but if they are abused, colorless henna can dry the strands. So it's better to do homemade masks with henna no more often every two weeks.

Many stylists do not recommend making masks with henna blondes - locks can be painted in a greenish shade. And, besides, one should not experiment with such home beauticians to the owners of colored hair - after such procedures, the paint can take uneven (if at all).

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