Hair Brushing: mannerable shades

The technology of dyeing hair is improved every year and becomes more complicated. Women prefer to create on their heads a unique image, combine in a hairdress many complex shades. To please the "advanced" women of manner, hairdressers master new directions of color. One of the popular and at the same time technically complex method of dyeing hair today is "bronzing".

The term "bronzing" comes from two English words brown and blond, respectively, this is a staining method that mixes in itself two shades - brown and blond. Such coloring is similar to melioration , its goal is to bring the hair color closer to the natural one, without abrupt changes in shades.

The result of professional bronzing is a rich, fresh natural color that shimmers with sunlight even in a dark room, refreshes and rejuvenates the face, visually imparts a volume to the coiffure, hides the gray hair.

Dark hair conjuring: warm shades

Bringing dark hair consists in the combination of several close to each other shades. The wizard chooses the optimal palette and combines the necessary tones: dark, intermediate and light.

On dark ringlets of warm shades it is mannerable to apply honey shades: bronze, light-red and their derivatives. After the bronzing, dark hair looks lively and fresh, and any hair gets richer. The more difficult the work of the master is - the more variations in shades and the thinner the strands, the more natural the image becomes. Often hairdressers with the use of two techniques: melirovanie and coloring .

Dark bronze: cold shades

Dark-haired women (brunettes and dark brown-haired women) with a cold color, if desired, can also try this mannerable technology, only shades for coloring should be selected with a smoky or silvery sub-ton. Too dark hair should be pre- clarified to light-brown. However, be prepared that the original brightness and depth of the colored flowers will fade in a few weeks, and the overgrown dark roots will look gross.

Bronding light and blond hair

Blondes with a hair coloring tinted a few shades darker, then align the color with the technique of glazing (paint only the tips). Overgrown light roots will have to be regularly toned .

Light bronze: warm shades

For girls with a warm color, you should choose a combination of strands of warm golden, wheat, honey, blond and beige-coffee shades, which will create a beautiful color overflow and a game of sunlight in your hair.

Bringing blond hair with cool shades

If you are more suited to cold shades, for example, linen, pearl, pearly beige, coffee-nut and ashy, you can get a rich effect of deep glow of hair.

To get the resulting color combination for a long time pleased you with the brightness and depth of shades, hairdressers recommend "fixing" the result of the bronzing with the lamination procedure. This way you will get extra brilliance and volume, and the result will be kept up to 6 months.

Bronding for short hair

Classic bronzing light and blond hair - this is the best way for women who want to look more refined and stylish. Professional bronzing light and blond hair - this is a phased hair coloring, in which the hairdresser combines multi-tone coloring and modern ways of highlighting. Bringing light and blond hair perfectly suits the owners of snow-white skin, this coiffure will give the appearance of freshness and soften the facial features.

Combination of shades with hair coloring

The combination of shades in the case of bronzing (as with American melioration) is selected individually, depending on the natural color of the hair, skin color, eyes and facial features. The master finely distributes the shades of the strands, placing the dark and light colors in a schematic order.

When hair is hairied, the hairdresser must strictly observe the following requirements: light and dark shades should not differ from each other by more than 3 tones. Light strands are stained, retreating from the roots at least 1 cm. As a result, the color should turn out to be deep, complex and multifaceted. The big plus of a hairdress also in that she does not demand frequent tint, at a hair growth roots look naturally.

Hairbranding is a favorite procedure of Hollywood stars, as it gives the hairdress a dear, well-groomed look, it perfectly fits with any style in clothes .

Who ideally fits the armor?

According to the stylists, hair coloring is ideal for girls with dark-blond or medium-blond hair, the color-type "spring". The color transition from the shaten to the blond is averaged, the sunlight plays in the hair, and this favors the appearance.

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