The effect of wet hair

"Wet" coiffures appeared on the pedestal of manner in 80 years. Divided shiny strands are still very popular among young women of manner. And it's not surprising, because the effect of wet hair gives your image style and a special charm, it can be easily created at home on your hair of any type and length.

How to create a "wet hair effect"?

To date, there are many ways and means to create wet braces. You can use the usual hair styling gel, but it is better to buy a special lacquer, a spray-shine , a modeling wax (pulling) or a "texturizer" that will help to separate the strands in your hair and give them a glossy shine .

Gel or mousse should be applied to damp strands of hair, distribute the scallop with sparse teeth along the entire length and slightly dry with a hair dryer in a warm mode without using a comb. Secure the result with lacquer.

For each type of hair, there are tricks to create the effect of a wet coiffure.

We create wet locks for curly hair

Curly hair will always look stylish if you create a wet effect on several curls. You can simply sprinkle them with a modeling spray or a varnish with the effect of damp hair.

Do not create a wet styling on all hair, such coiffures have long gone out of manner. However, if you want to give your image exotic, moisten with gel all your numerous curls and dry it. Such a coiffure "tropicanka" will be relevant on a hot summer day on vacation.

Wet effect for long hair

On straight long hair, you need to apply a gel with a rigid fixation to not only separate the strands, but also to give them the desired shape. Do not overdo it: manneristas in glossy magazines show us coiffures with a partial moisture effect.

On long hair is recommended to use not gel, but mousse, so as not to weight the curls. Spread the mousse on your hair and dry it with a diffuser to get soft waves. Secure the resulting effect with a varnish.

On long and medium hair, the following variant of wet laying looks very feminine: moisten hair with gel or mousse and wind it on curlers . Dry hair with a hair dryer. Now, carefully remove the curlers and with your fingers divide your hair into small strands. Scrunch your hair with a varnish.

Neatly and stylishly looks on long hair a "horse tail" coiffure, if you smooth all naughty and beaten hairs with a glossy effect.

It is very feminine and romantic looks coiffure, when the long hair is wound on curlers, part of the hair is fixed with a hair clip in the forehead or occiput, and all free curls are securely fixed with wet gel or spray-gloss.

Wet hair with short haircut

Short hair allows you to create a variety of options styling with the use of styling. Pound the wax or gel in the palms and apply to the strands that are going to simulate. You can easily change the styling depending on the mood during the day. Make a few sleek (or vice versa, disheveled) strings, for example in the temples, or comb the bangs on one side or back, simulate it with waves, lift the back of the head, etc. Such wet coiffures look very stylish in the summer season.

Do not overdo it with gel on short rare hair, otherwise instead of "wet" effect get "dirty".

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