mannerable hair coloring - 2017 - 2020

How will the mannerable ways of coloring in 2020 look? Stylists assure: at the peak of popularity will be both neat, natural shades, and the most visible, original ideas.

Choose a new onion not only based on your own color, but also looking back at the manner trends of next year, so that when your head of hair finally shine with the correct overflows of halftones, keep up with manner.

mannerable hair coloring - 2017 - 2020: balaž

Many self-respecting women of manner next year when creating graded haircuts will use balayazh, that is, the selection of the top of the hair. And it's not about trivial obscuring or highlighting, but about using the most trendy shades - golden, rich-cherry or strawberry-pink. It will refresh your hair very much, and add some splendor.

An important point: this effect can only be created in a real beauty salon. You can not paint at home at home, the technique is very complicated. The master paints the paint with vertical strokes, working only with the upper half of the head. The brush should touch the hair almost weightlessly, with the tip itself - that's how the effect of the most natural lightening of the head of hear will come about.

Sombre and ombre - 2020

Sambre and ombre - confident trends of the next year. Often these two techniques are confused, and this is no wonder: the specifics of applying paint here are similar. The only difference is that with an ombre, one color almost abruptly (with a slightly blurred border) changes into another, while sombres use several similar shades, so that the color changes color smoothly.

Chestnut ombre

Chestnut color dominates in coloring in the upcoming manner season. Soft color transitions and sunlight in the hair will make the image rich, feminine, romantic.

By the way, the gradation of color here can go not only vertically, but also horizontally. Want to change the image, highlighting your hair, but do not want to run every month to paint (no time, or just sorry to dry your hair)? Sombre is your decision.

As for ombre, this technique is used mainly for dark hair (black, dark brown or saturated chestnut), resulting in light ends with a dark "mane". Most often, the transition is done from the middle of the head of hear.

mannerable ombre for blond hair

This mannerable hair coloring of 2020 will help masters in any business, from creating natural shades to creating bizarre individualistic coiffures. The main thing is to choose the right color palette! This coloring turns the hair into waves that shimmer and play in the sun with bright flares.

Darkened roots

This technique will be moved next year from 2017. This is also the choice of blondes. The effect of dark, overgrown roots makes the image natural, moreover, original. Interestingly, a couple of years ago this bow was considered a bad form, and now the stylists have turned it almost into a mannerable icon. Conveniently, this staining will suit everyone - both "bearers" of short hair, and long-haired girls. As for the style of dress, the darkened roots will look good in the classical style, but they will play the most picturesque in a duet with clothes of creative, relaxed styles - boho, Kazhual.


A complex but interesting technique, whose name means "splashes of color". With its help, the effect of a sunbeam tangled in your hair is created - and it will shine there at any time of the day and in any light.

Pixel staining technique

Created by Spanish masters, it does not suit everyone. The result of this technique looks very unusual - instead of smooth transitions we see colored pixel figures randomly scattered through the hair. In addition, dyed with a similar "Makar" hair should be laid every day in a special way, so that the mannerable coloring is not lost in the unruly strands. Hair needs to be diligently smoothed, as well as strictly fixed in a given form.

Holographic coloring

An excellent solution for dreaming to change blondes. The master can perform many color transitions on your head - for example, highlight a pair of strands, making them pastel.

The staining method is dim-out

Dim-out. The so-called partial darkening: in the right places (say, in one or two zones), the strands are stained with a darker shade, creating a volume and a 3D effect on the head. This technique has a disadvantage: like the previous one, it is impossible without daily painstaking hair styling.

mannerable highlights - 2020

Doing highlights, it is not necessary to allocate light locks on the general dark background. Do you want to decorate yourself with separate honey or wheat curls? Excellent, but they should half hide among similar strands of shade.

mannerable Hair Bonding - 2020

Bronzing is another mannerable chip of the coming season. This technique is familiar to us for more than a year, but so far not bothered either stylists or women of manner. Her hair looks natural, and it's easy to pack. This effect is achieved by mixing white, bronze, nut lines on dark hair, so they play very noticeably - besides, they look much larger.

mannerable hair coloring - 2020: babylights

Girls who do not want to recolour all the hair and even half of them will like the technique "babylits", also known as "solar bunnies". In this case, some of the strands on the tips are partially lightened - as if the hair had slightly burnt out. Best of all, this coiffure will fall on fair-haired and light-brown hair.

mannerable hair coloring stolet - 2020

Shatush is another way to "brighten the hair" in the sun. By painting hair, the master paints two similar shades - they move into each other, creating natural overflows. In 2020, the rattletree will be done in two ways: mering strands from roots to tips or lightening only the ends of the coiffure.

Shatush - it's almost balage, only without a pronounced gradient. "Sun-kissed" strands are scattered as horrible, giving the hair naturalness. Especially brightly this coloring looks on dark hair (brown-haired, brunette) - still, because in this case the hairdresser can play with a dozen shades. As for the fair-haired girls (fair-haired, blondes), they only have a few catchy tones.

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