Black cumin oil: useful properties for hair

Black cumin is a purely oriental plant, therefore it is not surprising that its richest stocks of nutrients were first noted by the eastern odalisks, and, naturally, they were actively used in various drugs manufactured to maintain real beauty. And today the medicinal properties of caraway oil can be used by European beauties. So, what is so good cumin?

Cumin oil for hair: useful properties

The oils of this plant are rich in a multivitamin complex (B, A and E), zinc and other mineral elements, acids like omega-6 and omega-9, phytosterols. Such a concentration of nutrients makes cumin oil for hair the best way to combat brittleness, cross-section of tips and hair loss, the appearance of dandruff, and most importantly, stops the discoloration of hair, which means it slows down the appearance of gray hair.

Also, caraway oil is an effective tool for the treatment of inflammatory processes that occur on the scalp, fungal infection, in addition, it actively participates in regeneration of epidermal cells and strengthening of the hair follicle.

Cumin oil is too concentrated, especially for women with sensitive skin, so it is not used in pure form for masks - it is combined with other essential and vegetable oils, as well as with herbal infusions and traditional "mask" ingredients.

Recipes with cumin oil for hair

Mask that accelerates the growth of hair . In order for the hair to grow a little faster, it is necessary to activate the vital functions of the follicles, and this can be facilitated by effective blood circulation in the skin of the head. Stimulate these processes help mask of pepper, coconut and black cumin: the first stage in the scalp should thoroughly rub the oil of pepper, after 15 minutes, wash it off, and then rub an equal mixture of coconut oils and diluted oil of black cumin. In order for it to work as effectively as possible, it is necessary to keep it on your hair for at least 2 hours. In addition, that hair will begin to grow faster, they will become shiny, silky and very soft.

Mask against split ends and hair loss. To create such a mask, you should prepare a mixture of olive oil, fatty, 15% cream and caraway oil. All ingredients are mixed in equal parts, applied a thick layer on the strands, well rubbed into the skin (massage should be done for 10 minutes, no less), then leave the mask for 15 minutes alone and only then wash off the mask.

Mask for active hair growth , which has an excellent effect on their follicles. To make it, you need to mix cumin oil, castor oil and burdock oil (1 tablespoon) and a couple of drops of ethereal lemon oil. The mixture should be slightly heated in a water bath, add 2 yolks to it, mix and apply for half an hour on the hair, then rinse with warm water with a mild shampoo.

When the hair is in critical condition (sekutsya, lose shine, become dry, like, straw), and there is no time for a normal mask, add a solution of black cumin into a shampoo, balm or conditioner.

Mask for oily hair and scalp removal from dandruff. To prepare the mask, you need to take the essential oil of rosemary (10-12 drops), a spoonful of caraway oil and 150 g of kefir. About half an hour the mixture should be rubbed into the scalp and strands, and then washed off with water and shampoo.

Using etheric or conventional oils, it should be remembered that these drugs will not work instantly, in order that they have a therapeutic effect takes time - the longer and more regularly you will "treat" hair with these masks, the more beautiful, stronger and healthier they will become .

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