Dry hair oil

Girls who like to take care of themselves and often make hair for the mask, in the arsenal will certainly find a bottle or two essential oils. Such a remedy perfectly restores the hair, damaged as from improper water or ultraviolet, and when staining, moisturizes, gives softness and healthy shine. The only thing - after applying such a "magic wand" is sometimes the feeling of fatty hair (especially if they are not naturally dry).

Advantages of dry hair oil

It turns out that lovers of grooming for strands with the help of natural remedies have an alternative: dry hair oil. It is immediately absorbed, easily applied, does not make your hair heavier. Regularly using it, you can not only improve your head of hair, but also carry out prevention by creating a hair protection against external factors (which is very useful, for example, before going to sea).

Properties of dry hair oil

Use dry oil at any time of the year (even for skin care). But best of all it proved itself in the summer months. It is applied to every hair before going out to the street without a headdress or sea bathing. It is not difficult to do this, since this oil is only called dry, but in fact it is a spray. It is put on the palm of your hand, and then your hands "run through" or along the entire length of your hair, or just by the tips of your hair. Well, and if the hair is very dry, spray spray immediately on the hair, 20 cm from the head.

How does it work? Oil creates around each hair an invisible microfilm that nourishes both the follicles and the scalp. The same film gives the hair a satin shine.

Dry hair oil: how to use it properly

Here's how to use the right oil:

1. To get rid of split ends, you need to rub the oil into them immediately after you have washed your head.

2. Rub the oil best at night, so that until morning it is absorbed. In the morning, the excess is removed when washing hair.

3. Use oil better not once, but periodically (1-2 times a week).

With this oil, you can enrich the makeup of cosmetics. You can apply it on the body, say, after epilation.

Depending on the manufacturer, the composition of such a product may be different, but the common components will almost always be macadamia or almond oil, as well as sunscreen factors. Its price is quite high, but it's worth it. The main thing is to use the oil properly to avoid negative experience.

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