Shea butter for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

On bottles with shampoo or banks of cream, they rarely write "chamomile" or "burdock". Now here point out more exotic ingredients - for example, karite or shea. What it is?

Oil from the pits of African fruits, similar to miniature avocados. Although this ingredient is not very familiar to us, it has been used in beauticians for thousands of years. And not for nothing! In addition to a large number of acids (stearic, linoleic, arachine, myristic and palmitic), there are many vitamins that strengthen and revitalize every hair.

Shea butter (or karite) is squeezed out with or without refining. Cold pressing is more suitable for beauticians, because in this case the rich composition of the oil remains unchanged.

It can be applied to hair in a 100% form, and as an enrichment of purchased (or homemade) hair products. Not bad oil has proved itself and as an addition to masks.

It somewhat resembles wax: it also melts when the temperature rises (if it is above 37 degrees). So for the application on the hair it can be heated in the palms - well, and even better, if this remedy is slightly "puffed up" on the steam bath.

Properties of shea butter for hair

With regular use of this guest from sultry Africa, you can completely restore the water balance of damaged hair (colored, clarified or regularly affected by chemistry, hair dryer, ironing or curling iron). It well strengthens the structure of hair after summer sun baths, qualitatively solves the problem of loss or cross-section.

Masks for hair with shea butter

1. Heat the oil (no more than 40 degrees) and apply to dry hair. Next you need to wrap your head and leave it till morning. Wash off with warm water, do not forget to use shampoo.

2. You can enrich your daily balm or hair conditioner with olive oil and shea butter, adding about 10 drops of each. Keep such a remedy from 30 minutes to 8 hours. The mask is washed off easily.

3. 10 g of olive oil and 25 grams of shea butter on dry hair. Hold, wrapped, half an hour, then washed off.

4. Cosmetic clay (which is sold in any store in small bags) is prepared as indicated on the package. Add shea butter from the calculation: a tablespoon of 20 grams of dry clay.

5. 200 g of shea butter warmed in a water bath, add 5 tablespoons of castor oil, warm the means together, but not for long. Remove from the plate, cool, pour in 10 drops of essential oil ylang-ylang, as well as lemon essential oil - also 10 drops. On a slightly damp, washed hair, apply this mixture and hold the hour. Such a mask is a real "first aid" for damaged curls. This list of ingredients is given in order to prepare the mask for future use and store it in the refrigerator, applying several times. Although, of course, if you have very long hair, the mask is enough for only 1 application.

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