Rose oil for hair: real beauty recipes

Rose oil is one of the most unique essential oils created by nature. It has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and regenerating properties, so for a long time it has been actively used in beauticians to care for all types of hair without exception.

Properties of rose oil for hair

Rose oil for hair is a kind of panacea, recommended for use to restore split and brittle hair, as well as to strengthen the weakened laces. It prevents a number of problems, giving the hair a natural, healthy shine, restoring its natural real beauty and restoring the normal structure of each hair - from the follicle to the tip itself. Naturally, beautiful strands simply can not physically grow on an unhealthy, problematic skin, which means that it is possible to assert that the pink essential oil also cares for the scalp, moisturizing it and saturating it with useful ingredients.

How to Make Rose Oil for Hair

Another advantage of rose oil is its ease of use and preparation, so if you do not find it on sale, you can do it yourself - you do not need to be an "alchemist" or an experienced cosmetologist. It is enough to dry the petals of roses from any bouquet bought or presented to you, and then pour them with vegetable oil (the proportion is 1 tablespoon petroleum per 1 st.oil). You can use any vegetable oil, for example, olive or corn, burdock or sunflower (unrefined), grape seed oil - the choice depends on what hair problems you want to solve. Then mix both ingredients in an enamel bowl, pour them out for 2 hours in a water bath, strain and pour into a container of opaque, dark glass. That's all - the precious essential oil, for which you used to pay with pure gold, you are ready. It remains rational and correct to use this unique natural product.

As already mentioned, rose oil for hair has a complex effect on the skin and hair bulbs, among which one can distinguish a pronounced antiseptic, bactericidal and antiviral effect. Due to this effect, active processes in the scalp become active and come back to normal. Thus, for example, the formation of sebum is optimized, and the oil acts in two ways: if an excess of skin fats has been observed before, the oil restrains the process of its production, if before the application of oil, the skin fat was too small, the glands begin to work more actively, which solves the problem of dryness scalp. This, in turn, cures dandruff, and also protects the skin from a number of infectious diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis and pediculosis. Rose essential oil is perfectly combined with other oils, for example, cypress oil and tea tree, cedar, aura, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender and orange.

Masks with pink hair oil

1. Mask for the tips of the hair . Everyone knows that the most vulnerable part of every hairs is its tip, which, even with relatively healthy hair, can begin to separate. To avoid split ends, they need to be cut once every 1.5-2 months, and besides, to maintain their healthy appearance, you can use a mask of 15 drops of rose oil mixed with 15 drops of any base vegetable oil.

2. Nutritional mix . To make it, you need to take 15 drops of rose essential oil, 5 drops of geranium oil (lavender) and sandalwood, 50 mg of almond oil and 10 mg of jojoba oil. After preparing a mix, massage it with massage movements first in the roots of the hair, and then distribute the comb along their entire length. The mask will need to be held for an hour and a half or two, no less than the hair bulb absorbed the useful substances of this mixture. Such a mascot will help stimulate hair growth, and also nourish them with a whole complex of vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances contained in essential oils.

3. Mask for hair growth

To activate the growth of healthy, strong and beautiful braces, and also make them fragrant and shiny, you can use both rose oil alone and its mixture with rosemary essential oil. For the mask, you will need to prepare an oil mixture, and if you do not have time - you can add 2-3 drops of both oils in the usual hair care products (it is better not to pour oil directly into the bottle, and each time add a regular shampoo or balsam when washing your head).

You can also apply oil to the scalp (1-2 drops in different parts of the head), rub them with your fingers in the hair bulbs and leave for 20-30 minutes, and then just wash your head with some kind of sparing shampoo. Heat from massage movements and warm water will promote the penetration of oil into the deeper layers of the skin, and in order to increase the effectiveness of the mask, it is worth putting a warm hat or towel on your head for these 20 minutes.

Mask for hair rejuvenation . Rose oil for hair is mixed in equal proportions with almond and jojoba oil, then this mixture should massage the scalp and leave for 30 minutes. This mask is best done before washing your head to rejuvenate the skin, remove toxins from it, rid the hair of dandruff and possible infections.

When preparing hair masks, do not forget that essential oils are not intended for use inside, but are created solely for external use. Use pink essential oil correctly and your hair will thank you for health and silky shine.

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