Wheat germ oil for hair

This storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and active ingredients is called oil from wheat germ. Most of all it contains vitamin E - not just a useful, but vitally necessary vitamin that continues the youth of our skin. But apart from it, this oil is rich in a lot of other useful elements and vitamins (B, D, A, PP).

Wheat germ oil for hair: useful properties

First of all, it is known as an excellent antioxidant, due to which the skin cells quickly heals and regenerates, and the hair - rejuvenates and strengthens. In addition, each hair becomes more shiny, and all the hair is thick. If you regularly wear germ oil for hair on your locks, problems like dandruff or slow hair growth will not have a chance.

Wheat germ oil for hair: how to apply

However, you need to be able to apply this oil! For example, in its pure form it can not be applied - it is too thick and viscous for this, and it will be very hard to "smear" it. So combine it with other oils, more liquid, and warm up. But about this - below!

Masks with wheat oil

Moisturizer . Do you have a problem with dry hair and you want to revive them a little? Connect 1 tablespoon of oil from wheat sprouts with the same amount of castor and almond oils. Warm up all this splendor in a water bath, then apply to washed, damp hair. Now reliably "pack" the head with foil for at least an hour (maximum - three). In the end, rinse your hair well.

The best remedy for hair loss . To 1 tablespoon wheat germ oil, drip a few drops of essential oil (a choice: eucalyptus, orange, cedar, or better - all these funds together). Apply for 20 minutes and rinse. By the way, if you do not have these essential oils at home, you can replace them with others. A good choice is the combination of ginger and pine. Like your "harmful" ringlets and essential oil of thyme in combination with orange and lime.

Another well-proven remedy for seasonal or postnatal hair loss is a mask of wheat germ oil and jojoba . These components are mixed one to one, and the mask is applied to the scalp. However, and the hair from this mask look better: moisturized, shiny and alive.

Mask with honey for the tips of the hair . If you often paint your hair, if you just returned from the sea, where the sun and salty waves have dried your hair, try to restore their former health with this tool. One tablespoon of honey and two spoons of oil carefully warmed (all the same - with the help of a water bath). Warm and fragrant substance is applied to damp hair, not missing a single tip, and leave for an hour. We wash off, as well as any other mask.

If you regularly make yourself household remedies with wheat germ oil, your hair will become healthy and irresistible. Such care can also be combined with taking the oil inside. Then the healing result will double!

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