Sunflower oil for hair: composition, properties, recipes

It's hard to believe that before in Russia sunflower oil was not used - in the 21st century this is the most popular oil in our country, and indeed in the CIS. With the help of such a tool you can not only fry delicious pancakes and cutlets - cosmetologists have long and successfully used sunflower oil for hair, including for the treatment of ringlets at home.

So, what is this wonderful product? Sunflower oil contains vitamins (D, A and E), and their number exceeds the composition of even more expensive and raspiarennogo olive .

Sunflower oil for hair: useful properties

- anti-inflammatory effect, due to which the oil is very "delighted" by the problematic scalp, prone to allergies and rashes;

- moisturizing the scalp, eliminating dandruff and dryness (very important for women who dye their hair, as well as pregnant women suffering from dry skin);

- strengthening the roots of hair and hair bulbs;

- Protection of hair from adverse factors, such as frost, wind, ultraviolet;

- restoration of hair damaged after painting, discoloration, curling and other stylistic delights;

- oil helps to "restore health" to damaged hair;

- serves as the prevention of cross-section of tips.

Masks with sunflower oil for hair

If you regularly make yourself a home remedy with this component, your hair will be smooth and shiny. The easiest way to use oil in the form of masks. Especially relevant, they will be in the winter months, when the hair is especially plagued by cold air. By the way, even then you should not do more than two masks a week - all is well that in moderation.

The simplest oil mask

Apply sunflower oil on your hair - just choose unrefined, it is at times more useful. Next, everything, as it should be in this case: a hat made of cellophane, on top - a thick towel. To wear this "accessory" should be at least an hour, a maximum of three. In order to wash off the oil, just hot water will not be enough, so prepare a shampoo, and if there is time - then a herbal decoction, it is very good to rinse your hair after such a procedure.

Mask with lemon

If in the winter after wearing a hat you suffer from the "dandelion effect", that is, the electrization of the hair, oil mixed with lemon juice will help. So, squeeze 2 tablespoons of juice, mix with 5 tablespoons of oil, rub this remedy into the hair. We warm it, as described above, but keep the mask no longer than half an hour. It is better to repeat it in 3-4 days.

Mask for hair loss

Whisk with a fork: 1 teaspoon of oil, as much liquid honey (flower), as well as a spoon of natural soap (or even better - a soapy potassium base). Squeeze the juice from one large onion, add to the mask. Apply this miracle product on the scalp, rubbing intensively for about five minutes. Insulate the head in a way known to us. After 1.5 or 2 hours, wash everything off with warm water under a shower or a tap, and then rinse your head with a weak vinegar solution. Such a product strengthens the roots well and has a beneficial effect on hair prone to loss.

Sunflower oil and oily hair

This remedy is very helpful for girls with overdried skin or ringlets. But the owner of fatty hair to use such a mask is not recommended. Oil can noticeably weight their strands, poorly wash, because of what hair will look not healthy, but on the contrary - not groomed. But this is nothing, because in our time there is enough money for the real beauty of the curls, so that you will definitely pick up the best for yourself.

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